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Plascore Board for Boat Building
Boat Plans Catalog � Boats You Can Build! Boatbuilding Supplies & Epoxy. Inboard Hardware. Electrical Design Plans. Books, DVD�s & Audio. Boat Trailer Plans.� There have been several such methods of fiberglass construction that have proven to be less than advertised or not suited to the production of one boat. Factory made fiberglass boats utilize a female mold with laminates made of sprayed resin and chopped glass fibers or, in more expensive boats, hand laid fiberglass and polyester resin. These methods are only suitable for volume production due to the high cost of the mold. There are much better methods that make it practical to produce a single boat using fiberglass materials. Glen-L has done a great deal of research into the various options fo. Two New Boats for ! Building to Teach: a Creative Distance Learning Program in Model Boatbuilding. Product Suggestions. Great Gift Ideas for Boatbuilders. Mark Carter Prone-Paddles 25 Miles to Raise Money For Park. Nicky Shows Off Racing Style on Lake Champlain. Browse the Archives Upcoming Demos.� Browse our catalog of essential boat building supplies: marine plywood, lumber, epoxy, fiberglass, finishing supplies, specialty tools, and disposables. items. MAS #1 Economy Kit. MAS #2 Economy Kit. MAS #3 Economy Kit. MAS #4 Economy Kit. Epoxy, Glue, and Acid Brushes (12 pack). Those building race boats or high-end performance cruisers are much more likely to use these fabrics to reduce weight and maximize strength. Exotic Fabrics. Not all fabric used these days to build laminate boats is made of fiberglass. Over the past 15 years both Kevlar and carbon fiber, which are much stiffer and lighter than glass, have appeared in more and more race boats and high-end performance cruisers. Kevlar is extremely impact resistant, thus is often used as a reinforcing material, particularly around the bow, which is most likely to be involved in collisions. It can also, however, be.

Enter the Email associated with your account, then click Submit. We'll email you a link to a page where you can easily create a new password. From high performance off-shore racers to the recreational runabout, Plascore honeycomb marine composite products offer superior strength-to-weight ratios, toughness, moisture and corrosion resistance for even the most demanding applications. These critical qualities are desirable for hulls, decks, bulkheads, stringers, bunks, covers, hatches and more.

Low density options matched with superior mechanical properties make Plascore marine honeycomb core products more desirable than traditional balsa and foam products. Providing high strength and stiffness characteristics during normal loading conditions, the shear failure mode of the honeycomb allows it to continue to function after its yield strength has been exceeded.

Unlike some competitive core materials, immediate loss of function does not occur. For delivery purposes plascore will be cut into 2x4 pieces And sold by the 2x4 piece. For example if you want a full sheet worth chose 4 2x4 pieces. Plascore Data Sheet. Plascore Marine Solutions.

Contact Us. Products Categories Manufacturers. Close Advanced Search. I'm a new customer. Registering a new account is quick and easy I'm an existing customer. Enter your email address and password to login I've forgotten my password. Your Cart Checkout View Cart. Continue Shopping. Grinding Disc 1.

PSA Disc 4. Psa File Paper 2. Roloc Disc 1. Sanding Block 4. Scotch-Brite Pads 3. Brushes 5. Laminating Rollers 5. Paint Pans 2. Boat Parts And Accessories. Glue 7. Buffing Pads Cleaning Rubbing Compounds Waxes Epoxy Resin and Glue. Epoxy Epoxy Glue Epoxy Pigment 2. Biaxle 5. Carbon Fiber 8. Cloth Fiberglass surfacing veil 1. Kevlar 4. Matt 4. Woven Roving 2. Core Material 5.

Expandable Foam 2. Gel Coat. Black Gel Coat 3. Gel Coat Dump Gun 4. Gel Coat Pigment 5. Gel Coat White No Wax 3. Gel Coat White with Wax 3. Neutral Gel Coat 4. Tack Free Additive 2. Tooling Gel Coat 3. Cream Hardeners 1. MEK 2. Ultra Violet Catalyst 1. Mold Fabrication. Bottom Paint 4. Non-Skid 7. Pettit Paint 5. Prep Primer 7. Topside 7. Varnish 6. Polyester Resins. Isophthalic resin 2. MEK Hardener 2.

Polyester Resin 2. Fillers Putty West System Fillers 8. Ear Protection 1. Gloves 3. Head Sock 3. Safety Glasses 3. Safety Mask 7. Safety Suits 2. Empty Paint Cans 2. Graduated Mixing Pot 2. Measuring Devices 6. Natural Mixing Pots 2. Paper Cups 2.

Plastic Bottles 2. Fine Line 1. Masking Tape 8. Trims and Seals. Air Tools 4. Hand Tools Power Tools 2. Sanding Blocks 7. Spray Guns 8. Vinyl Ester Products. Vinyl Ester Putty 1. Vacuum Bag Supplies.

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