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The resulting boat looks as though it Read the Boat Review Coraline Walk Around Boat Review One of the endearing properties of a tinnie was that grazing alongside something hard seldom made any visible difference. But as aluminium boats grew up they started getting painted and that advantage largely disappeared.

The cabin is a useful size, there is space between the seats to get to it, and the decks alongside it are wide enough for painless passage forward or for fishing Read the Boat Review Coraline Long Runner Series II Boat Review Paintwork on an aluminium boat probably encourages you to be more careful when parking alongside jetties, and perhaps it gives you a finer feeling of ownership.

But a graunch in the two-pack would give you an infinitely worse sensation Read the Boat Review Coraline Runabout Boat Review Six metres is pretty large for a runabout, especially when the measurement is the genuine hull length.

But the Coraline Runabout gives the impression that it is half a metre longer still. There are several reasons. The volume The presence of this has allowed the There is no pretence of accommodation, but the level of shelter is infinitely better than a centre console normally provides. The console Clearly he intended doing some serious fishing but equally, judging from the quantity of seating provided, family and social days afloat are also A high proportion of Coralines are built to order, and the review is a distinct one-off for a buyer with a clear idea of what Coraline is different: their seven to eight metre range has a sizeable following that mostly The Coraline is a lot of boat and with a standard layout its cockpit area would have been even bigger.

The owner though wanted a mm Read the Boat Review Coraline SF Boat Review The review boat, a Coraline SF, is a fine example of how far this builder will go in customising to suit a buyer � he even increased the beam by mm. This boat is destined for a life in the Kimberley and a prime need Read the Boat Review Coraline Special Boat Review To some extent almost every Coraline is different to every other one, but this special is very much a one-off.

Coraline built it for as dedicated a fisherman as you are likely to find. For instance, the bow rail-mounted Jabsco A weighbridge They typically have 3mm decks, 4mm sides and 5mm bottoms � which is the same as a 30 metre ferry would have. The Coraline goes beyond the ferry with a 6mm bottom. Read the Boat Review Coraline Dominator Boat Review A financial curiosity is that as builders of trailer boats withdraw into their shells, new builders of luxury craft get introduced into Australia.

The latest is new only here: Dominator has been a major player in Italy for many years, Read the Boat Review Coraline Oceanrunner Boat Review Coraline builds such a huge range of hulls in a variety of styles that every one of them delivered is virtually a custom boat.

The review Coraline, an Oceanrunner , is no exception. The 6. Its beam allows decent foot Read the Boat Review Cordina 8. In this 8. Only 7. Read the Boat Review Cruise Craft FM Centre Console Boat Review There was a time when fibreglass boats incorporated a lot of timber: bracing the bottom and decks, the deck itself, the core of the transom and so on. Eventually the timber absorbs water, swells and finally rots.

One legendary builder Multi functional is It seems it is a foible of builder Todd Lubbock, who gives his glazing contractor nightmares with double curves Fibreglass yet, possibly unique for its length, it has a self-draining deck. With a hull weight of only kg, it has closed-cell foam buoyancy of kg.

Which means it is tough because they literally launch off the ocean beach Perhaps the cost of oceanfront land outweighs the Compared with the Fairline 48 of a few years ago there is little or no visible difference in elbow room in the public areas. Admittedly it Read the Boat Review Fairline Squadron 58 Boat Review One of the most welcome features in the latest generation of big boats is the large windows in the hull.

To some extent it is a development of the 58, but has a lot of clever new ideas. I particularly like the midships master suite. Full beam with windows both sides, and mirrors in most In their Targa 50, Fairline are reversing the trend of recent years. The model this boat replaces, the 48, had the master cabin amidships; the 50 has it forward � to the benefit The typical garage is 6m x 6m; the Falcon will fit in it, reducing deterioration from the sun and A lot of And a 35ft cruiser powered by outboards is not main stream either, but this boat ticks an And having once overcome all those zeros, it is easy to see value for money Read the Boat Review Fountaine Pajot Lipari 41 Boat Review When you plan to build boats a year it pays to make sure the design is right � scrapping and rebuilding moulds is expensive.

Fountaine Pajot , the French power and sailing cat specialist, spent a year getting It makes you realize that bigger and more expensive is not necessarily going to make a proportional improvement in your pleasure. The FunYak 12 with a six horsepower two-stroke on Buyers of Furys seem These are the people who tow their boats to far flung locations, and for whom a boat too beamy to tow after dark is a no-no.

For them, the good news Not quite beating customers away with sticks, but busy enough to move to bigger Every Fury, although using the same hull moulds, is subtly or significantly different. The review DC When On Strike Charters of Exmouth wanted such a boat for their big-game tag and Builder Scott Fury calls it a double console hence the DC and, fair enough, this boat deserves a special name.

A year in creation it oozes quality and thought; this is a worthy Read the Boat Review Fury SC Boat Review Vessels from Fury Custom Boats have typically been thought of as the epitome of the centre console style, and with good reason: centre consoles were all they built. Until now, with the Read the Boat Review Fusion 40 Boat Review Catamarans generally need plenty of breeze to give stimulating sailing, conditions we did not have on the review day, but probably the majority of people who buy them are more interested in their other qualities than in Genuine seats for half a dozen � plus untold numbers of Haines Hunter is one of them.

They have the pedigree and the mystique, they all have hulls happy to work on the ocean, few fishermen ever found Read the Boat Review Haines Hunter Classic Offshore Boat Review Nature laid on the right weather for our boat, bearing one of the revered offshore names, to show us its mettle. The boat was a Haines Hunter Classic Offshore , and the weather a plus knot breeze When a boat has the 7. Despite being essentially a roomy fishing runabout, it still has Read the Boat Review Haines Signature F Boat Review The term variable deadrise used to mean just one thing: it varied from sharp at the bow to, usually, much less so at the transom.

With a Haines hull it means that, for the whole length, the bottom each side of the keel is concave. The builders call it a motor yacht and it is hard to argue with them: the ambience is more small ship than Whoever heard of a bow rider whose toilet is equipped with a standard magazine rack? Read the Boat Review Hydra-Sports CC Boat Review Perhaps the biggest reason why more centre consoles are not sold is the partner will not give buying permission for a boat without a toilet.

That reason is a non starter with the Hydra-Sports CC: its console houses an On the other hand it could also be the boat for someone who wants to spend Read the Boat Review J Boat Review One of the big and increasing problems with offshore - and even around the buoys - racing is simply assembling a crew.

Nine is a common number sought, and it is hard to find such a complement with the necessary time and commitment; Read the Boat Review J Boat Review There is a steadily growing number of sports boats on the Swan; sail craft around six metres long, essentially big racing dinghies with ballast keels. Terrific fun, but needing athletic dinghy-style crews to sail them well. And they are The best way to test a big boat designed for how West Australians most use their boats is to take it to Rottnest.

And since the Jackson 47 emphasises space, you Read the Boat Review Jeanneau 41DS Boat Review The Jeanneau 42DS is an unashamed cruising boat, and it is good to know that the owner of the first one in the state has serious plans for it: a year of familiarisation, then a leisurely year circumnavigating Australia.

Read the Boat Review Jeanneau 44i Performance Boat Review Jeanneau yachts have traditionally been seen as cruising boats that get raced rather than racing boats that get cruised. Enthusiastic racers would buy something else. The 44i Performance Jeanneau changes things, and the Read the Boat Review Jeanneau Merry Fisher Boat Review There are not a lot of genuine cruisers on the market for a price around, say, that of a caravan and something to tow it with.

Genuine cruiser? Carrying on with the caravan analogy, offering similar standards of accommodation and Perhaps oddly, the reviewed Marlin is the first in WA to be Read the Boat Review Jeanneau Merry Fisher Boat Review Jeanneau is best known for its sailing vessels, but has also been a long time builder of power boats.

They named their a Merry Fisher although most people would call it a cruiser. The ability to sleep six in comfort seven at a The , near the top of the size range, with just a metre more hull than its next smaller sister reviewed last May has the presence and capacity of a ten metre The latest new model had its worldwide release at the last Their latest is the Sun Odyssey A near literal name for what is known here as a centre console.

An adaptable boat, it is The rest of the world would call it a centre console. Names aside, it is an exceptionally well thought out and fitted out boat.

Unlike the majority of this style of boat it appears intended less Read the Boat Review Karnic Centre Console Boat Review Larger centre consoles tend to be pretty versatile boats, and versatile is a word that sums up the Karnic Big enough for a day out with the whole family plus friends, roomy and stable enough for a bunch of fishermen, and with a Read the Boat Review Karnic Bluewater Line Boat Review The Karnic is very much a part of a family of fibreglass boats; the hull design and proportions are closely related throughout the range.

All share the pleasant feature of value for money. The is one of the bigger You can have this 4. Read the Boat Review Karnic Smart Boat Review Cyprus is known internationally more for ship owning than boat building, but the country was producing boats before Euclid drew his first triangle. Nowadays they build them in fibreglass, and are confident enough in them to give a ten Read the Boat Review Kingcraft 21 Classique Boat Review It is always a pleasure to review a new WA-built boat, especially one built in fibreglass: this is almost an endangered species.

The builder, Shockwave, is already known for its highly capable cats � think Cockburn and Fremantle Read the Boat Review Kirby 10 Metre Naiad Boat Review There was a time when the idea of inflatable fishing boats was in the same category as inflatable dart boards; perhaps the prejudice had more validity in the era of the hand line, but it is long since extinct.

Large rigid inflatables The word from the Miami boat show is that 15 and 18 metre centre consoles have stolen a big piece of the US market from cruisers.

The consoles contain toilets, showers and This hull has a 27deg deadrise, a pair of steps in the bottom, and And it is probably as well that the numbers are not large because they take an astonishing number of man hours to build. Every buyer has strong ideas on the detail Read the Boat Review Kirby 8.

That 8. Read the Boat Review Kirby Marine 6. Read the Boat Review Kirby Naiad Their boat needs range and speed, and the ability to use both of them in Read the Boat Review Kirby Naiad 5. Read the Boat Review Kirby Naiad 6. Considering the boats Rob Kirby has specialised in for 18 of those years, it will not surprise that its basis is a Read the Boat Review Kirby Naiad 9.

This removes a lot of expensive and unnecessary development work. When asked to create an all weather, long Read the Boat Review Legacy 12 Boat Review The boat I learned to sail in, early in the 20 th century it feels like, had a standing lug rig and a timber hull; very Swallows and Amazons.

That is why the Legacy 12 struck an immediate chord with me: this is a Read the Boat Review LeisureCat Sports Cruiser Boat Review Not a lot of footers are powered by outboards, but the review LeisureCat Sports Cruiser makes 49er Sailing Boat For Sale Guide a convincing case on catamarans at least, cost being one of the more striking reasons. Fitting a pair of Volvo diesels � the more Read the Boat Review LeisureCat Sportscruiser Boat Review LeisureCats have always practically defined the active side of boating, and the review boat more than most.

The owner of this Sportscruiser is now on his fourth built to order LeisureCat and is confident he has achieved his version That not all end up buying one is more the shallow-pocket syndrome than the wish drying up. Like all power cats, LeisureCats are more expensive to build than the This is the boat that can head offshore in almost any Read the Boat Review LeisureCat Kingfisher Series Boat Review A few weeks ago the West ran a news story on a boat that broke loose off the metropolitan coast and was next seen, still in excellent shape, the other side of Madagascar many It is actually about as far as it could get from a cat, being a Pacific-style Or it was if you drove it like one.

Driven with the respect due to a real Read the Boat Review MacGregor 26 Boat Review Here is one trailable sailing boat whose most distinctive attraction is not its ability to sail. Instead it is its great ability as a fast power cruiser. That it sails well The boat is 9. Lots to be said for this: you find out about reasons for buying; about views on how well it does its job; their opinions on With the same power provided by a two-stroke the price And being Australian-built it uses a well-judged share of that for the cockpit; local preference is some open air Read the Boat Review Maritimo C50 Sports Cabriolet Boat Review A footer is a lot of boat but, just the same, Maritimo seem to have created disproportionate space in their C50 Sports Cabriolet - an achievement considering the saloon also has to The builders have clearly woken up to Australian Abalone divers, sea rescue groups, and discerning private owners seek out these designs by naval architect Gavin Mair; they are looking for Read the Boat Review Montebello There are excellent reasons why it should be so, ranging from the ability to use shallow water moorings to a lot of useable space within the Read the Boat Review Morningstar Bay Rover R Boat Review Taiwan has long been a prolific builder of commercial vessels, but in the leisure market only a few one-offs have made it to Australia.

Morningstar, a new brand of trailer boat retailed locally by Searano Marine, might change The review boat, the Mustang 43 Sports Cruiser, has no links at all with any previous models; this is a completely new design by The model that led the way for them was the Flybridge 43, and its very successful hull underpins Read the Boat Review Naiad 6.

It has also moved further up the horsepower scale. Northstars are built in fairly Read the Boat Review Oceancraft 6. Their latest product, one of the most eye catching boats of the past few years, is a new departure in design. The design Read the Boat Review Oceanus 21 Boat Review The biggest concern of buyers of rigid inflatable boats is probably the life of the inflatable tubes. A minor industry has grown up for the early replacement of tubes on cheaper imports, so a RIB with a ten year tube warranty seems The one-man band builder of Oz Runners though is fully employed constructing boats that have established their niche in Mandurah.

Internally it was about as tight a fit as a length of 2. Read the Boat Review Plaka 4. Half a dozen or so roto-moulded pieces of polyethylene, variously welded and bolted together, some Read the Boat Review Polycraft Drifter Boat Review After a couple of years without reviewing a plastic boat � more specifically polyethylene - three have come along in quick succession.

Where the other two were unmistakably plastic products, this one is far more traditional It is also a very Read the Boat Review Sailing Boats For Sale Windermere Zip Princess 64 Boat Review 64ft is a lot of boat, but the Princess 64 packs in an abundance of features and still manages the open spaces of something larger.

A dozen people could sit in the saloon and it would not begin to look crowded. And that only Beam is the main one: a narrow beam means squeezing room past the console rather than fishing room. The side console sacrifices These are boats for the fishing purist and built with an eye on holding down price: buy a standard Renegade and it will have no paint on Read the Boat Review Quintrex Escape Boat Review The vast Quintrex catalogue includes boats of over 7m-hull length, but illustrating the current tight financial times they are currently building hardly anything over 5m.

Not only that, but the big Its length, 16 feet in old money, is the same as the Quintrex a lot of people aspired to in the sixties and seventies. Its hull, though with a lot more shape than the original, is The review Freedom Sport is modestly named, as its hull length is 5. The recently developed Quintrex Frontier range is squarely aimed at serious fishers.

The design of all the boats shares the Apex hull form that maximises space within the overall dimensions and has ride and stability The colour is supplied by vinyl wrap, not paint. If that sounds fragile and perhaps short lived, think again. Some offshore fishermen worry about the exposed open forward cockpit; serious fishers, inshore and off, may not be rapt with the divided Traditionally, Quintrex announces new models that take an expert to tell apart from those they replace.

The Freestyler, though, is blindingly Read the Boat Review Reef Hunter Runabout Boat Review If you want a boat offering decent shelter combined with maximum room then runabout is the style for you. It is not terribly chic � currently walk arounds seem to have cornered the market in chic WA-built plate aluminium boats seem to be unstoppable, or more accurately the people who build and sell them are.

At a time of a less than vibrant marine industry, a new brand has appeared: Reef The 4mm sides and 5mm bottom with all frames fully welded to it you have to take on trust, but Read the Boat Review Riviera Sport Yacht Boat Review WA is the spiritual home of the fly bridge cruiser, with the sport yacht concept a comparative rarity; yet the latter has at least two advantages going for it.

The social area is all on the same level, so there is no barrier between the Read the Boat Review Riviera 48 Offshore Express Boat Review In the same way that fly bridge cruisers developed hardtops and eventually converted the fly bridges into a second storey saloon, some express cruisers have converted their upper deck areas into backless More, actually - I had never before come across a Riviera with a gyro stabilising system.

One item the owner Read the Boat Review Riviera 56 Boat Review Enclosed flybridges, that are currently all the rage, add interior space but automatically reduce open-air opportunities. Not to worry because this one is Australian, almost definitively Every part of the internal space is well and cleverly used, but there is no suggestion of crowding: this is a roomy centre Read the Boat Review Robalo R20 Boat Review US imports are probably thought of as mass produced products aimed at giving value for money, but in some cases the finishing and fitting out are lacking.

The review boat, a Robalo R20, is not one of these. The flood of American imports has reduced to a trickle, probably influenced by the shrivelling Aussie dollar, and for the most part only the long established brands are turning up. The review boat, a Robalo centre console, is the Read the Boat Review Robalo R - Update Boat Review The American leisure marine industry is not the power house it once was, but one boat builder has thrived and dominates the manufacturing of fishing boats: over 2, a year - Robalo.

Their products are a long way from the cheap Read the Boat Review Sailfish Shelfrunner Boat Review Power cats are not that common, although they are the next-time boat in the minds � or dreams � of a great many fishermen.

The reasoning is sound: within a given set of dimensions they offer more deck space and stability Read the Boat Review Sea Jay Trojan HT Boat Review Sea Jay is an unusual builder: it is nominally a production line operator but possibly because it is family owned strives to make custom changes where possible. These are not just add-ons but even modifications to the hull. This has Read the Boat Review Sea Ray Sundeck Boat Review A odd footer may be your idea of either a big or a small boat, but the Sea Ray Sundeck crams an almost impossible quantity of features into its 6.

Many of them require a search before Read the Boat Review Sea Ray BR Boat Review The Sea Ray is what many would think of as the archetypical American boat: a sterndrive powered, thoroughly equipped bow rider, with an emphasis on getting numbers on board. A difference is that this is not a boat This 5. Chamberlin New South Wales. South Australia. Northern Territory. Western Australia.

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