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Dumas Products Inc - Brooklyn Tugboat Boat Kit For over 70 years the employees of Dumas Products have been providing model boat and model airplane kits to hobby enthusiasts around the world making us one of the oldest continuously operating hobby manufacturers in existence. For many years we carried the nickname �The Model Boat People� but nowadays we offer as many planes as we do boats. Dumas Products. Serving the Model Hobby Industry since Dumas' take on the classic New England style Lobster Boat. View Details Buy Now. All Products. Accessories () Boat Kits (89) Boat Propellers (32) Combo Packages (10) Electronics (12) Hardware () Plane Kits () Plans, Instructions, & Decals () Product categories. The Dumas model of the Creole Queen is constructed of precision die-cut birch and mahogany plywood. The detail package included in the kit is immense. It has stampings, wood turnings, castings, plastic parts, and a 3 page decal set.

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Write a Review. Add to Wish List. More Details. View Full Details. Compare With Quick View Item Quick View Item Details Build your own beautiful, laser cut model, of a Chris-Craft 21' Capri, with this classic kit from Dumas. Dumas Products allow return within 30 days of purchase.

Kits must be in original condition and packaging. No returns allowed on partially assembled or modified kits. In Chris-Craft introduced a new hull style called the torpedo deck or barrel back. Fifty plus years later it is among the most highly coveted of the famed Chris-Crafts, and thanks to the model masters at Dumas, you can own one in miniature.

In keeping with the Dumas tradition of Chris-Craft kits, this model features a doubled planked PVC and mahogany veneer hull, preformed plastic seats, chrome fittings, and complete set of running hardware. Color decals and flag and burgee helps set off the model. The Dumas kit of The Mount Washington includes everything needed to bring the original grandeur back to life. An ABS plastic hull and a birch plywood die cut superstructure provide the basic shape, while embossed plastic, cabin detail, cast metal fittings, and full color decals add the touches that make the model complete.

Our step by step instructions will help you transform your kit into an historic model that will be sure to find a place in the history of your family. Steam powered all her career she was inauspiciously sold for scrap in She was one of many railroad tugs, designed to transfer railroad cars from one side of New York to the other on barges known as car floats. Railroad tugs almost always towed barges alongside, with one car floating on each side, hence the heavy guards and the use of single posts instead of H-bitts.

Railroad tugs were characterized by long houses because there was no need of towing space aft. The Dumas kit of the Brooklyn is designed to give you the salty appearance of the original boat. Not just your average tug, the Brooklyn has the characteristics that set the early tugs apart. You get a vacuum formed hull, all the parts to build the conventional die cut superstructure, and enough detail laser cut parts, lots of castings, brass railings, etc.

If you are one of many who admire the pugnacious spirit of tug boats then this one is for you. Another classic model from The Model Boat People. The construction is a double-planked hull with birch plywood on the inside and mahogany strip planking on the outside. A complete set of chrome-plated deck fittings is included to add the touch of charm and excitement to the elegant racer.

Vacuum form seats with full cockpit instrumentation add to the charm. Running hardware including shaft, stuffing box, rudder, strut, and bronze propeller are included.

Drawings and a easy-to-follow booklet will guide you through the building of this racing legend. This sporty little speedster from the late 40s is an all-wood kit with a double-planked hull similar to our other Chris-Craft kits. Included in the kit are chrome-plated fittings, vacuum-formed seats, running hardware, and a complete set of flags and decals.

The Utility Boat would be a great start into the Chris-Craft line. If you have built the other kits, this will make a nice addition to your fleet. This sleek beauty is a triple cockpit version of our popular Chris-Craft Barrel Back kit. The kit features a double-planked hull, vacuum formed seats, chrome-plated deck fittings and running hardware.

This will make a great addition to your Classic Chris-Craft Series. Style elegance and class the 36ft. Chris-Craft Commander Express Cruiser has it all!

The latest addition to our Chris-Craft fleet is also our first cruiser. The 36ft. Chris-Craft Commander Dumas Wooden Model Boat Kits 8th Express Cruiser is sure to turn its fair share of heads. The Commander has the quality features you have come to expect from a Dumas Chris-Craft model. This all wood kit includes step by step instructions complete deck fittings vacuum molded seats and laser cut mahogany cabin detail and trim. The Express Cruiser is designed for radio control and twin screw power using two dumas 6v motors.

The twin screw running hardware package for the Commander is stock no. The Jersey City is the lasest Chris Craft Wooden Model Boat Kits App addition to the Dumas tugboat collection. A railroad tug from the s, the Jersey City can still be seen working on the eastern seaboard. She is designed for radio control using a two channel radio, or this detailed workhorse makes a great static model for your den or office. The kit features a vacuum formed plastic hull, die cut expanded pvc super structure parts, laser cut wood detail parts, and all the fittings necessary to outfit her for a hard days work.

Dumas running hardware is the single screw driveline required to run the Jersey City. Use Dumas motor for 6v or for 12v electric power. We think the Chris-Craft 19 ft. Racing Runabout is our sleekest looking Chris-Craft to date.

The wood framed hull is covered with expanded pvc and then planked with mahogany veneer. Like our other Chris-Crafts this kit features the finest materials including chrome plated dack fittings complete drive line hardware flag and burgee. Each kit contains everything needed to build a beautiful static display model for the office or den. You will want to make the powerful Racing Runabout the next addition to you fleet. Carol Moran, nd Scale. There is something about a relatively small boat pushing or a towing a comparative behemoth.

And at Dumas we are known for our tugs. With the introduction of the Carol Moran, we have broken into the area of small highly detailed scale rc tugs. Our model of the Carol Moran features a two piece vacuum formed hull. The superstructure is constructed of highly conformable diecut expanded PVC.

There are detail parts galore including everything laser cut and cast parts to decals and flag. Just because she is small does not mean you have to give up realism.

Best of all, the Carol Moran is a full functioning rc model. All the running hardware is included, and we show you how to power her using a servo from your two channel radio. So try your hand at the Carol Moran. An exceptional tug at an exceptional value. This coastal tug built in not only burned coal for power but also but also hauled barges filled with coal along the New England coast.

The Lackawanna was feet long but her gorgeous sheer and festive air made her appear almost yacht like. Our 33 inch model of the Lackawanna captures all the beautiful lines of this classic tug. The Lackawanna is not short on detail with tons of laser cut parts and loads of castings and turnings. Top it off with clear and concise step by step plans and instructions and you have a great kit of an Early 20th Century Tug that is truly a pleasure to build.

The Myrtle Corey is a fine example of a late 's river towboat. Typical of the day, these boats were site built, without plans, with lots of substitutions and jury rigged construction.

Once commonplace along the waters of the Mississippi and Arkansas rivers, the Dumas model of the Myrtle Corey is designed to bring that amazing era back to life. This kit features vacuum formed hull and roofs. The substructure is made from diecut expanded pvc and there is a load of stripwood to provide the boat with it's characteristic planked deck and cabin sides.

Everything in this kit is designed for detail and realism. We include: castings, wood turnings, laser cut parts and so much more. Even the paddlewheel and rudder hardware is included.

This sleek little beauty is very similar in construction to our 19' Racing Runabout, kit , in that it utilizes the popular expanded PVC and mahogany double planking method. This is the Dumas Dauntless This 1" to 1' scale replica of the Lightning class boat also makes a beautiful display model for your office or living room.

The kit is made up of plywood frames and handsome mahogany planking. Nylon sails add the finishing touch to this kit. This model is great for free sailing in the swimming pool or pond.

The mahogany hull is assembled from die-cut parts and the birch mast is included in the kit. Rudder, complete fittings and riggings, and nylon sails are also included. This is the running hardware kit for the Brooklyn Tug Kit from Dumas. This scale model of the popular west coast catamaran, the Hobie Cat 14, is an all wood kit that includes nylon sails.

It's easy to build and she's fast and fun to free sail.

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