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CALL National Boat Covers is the 1 online retailer of bass boat covers to fit all sizes and styles. For bass boats ranging in size from 11 to 29 feet long, National Boat Covers always offers a variety of high-quality covers in a range of price points. At National Boat Covers, we carry bass boat covers for angled transom bass boats, jon style bass boats, and wide bass boats.

Choose dual console bass boat cover 60 four distinctive brands with features like solution-dyed waterproof fabric and a secure fit reinforced sewn-in shock cord. Call our USA based cover experts for assistance. Dual console bass boat cover 60 of our bass boat covers are made using durable waterproof marine grade fabrics that resist UV rays and mildew to keep your boat looking pristine for years to come.

The cut-and-sew designs combines detailed craftsmanship with durable solution-dyed Sunbrella or Sunflair fabrics to deliver a bass boat cover that is waterproof and made to.

The Windstorm Elite boat cover is as beautiful as it is durable, available in 16 vibrant colors. These are the best fitting, longest lasting semi-custom bass boat covers on the market today. CoolTech boat covers are fully trailerable and feature a unique venting system with two large built-in vents, to keep hot air from being trapped inside the cover. The WindStorm bass boat covers are our best-selling boat cover for its unbeatable quality at a great price.

If you enjoy the durability of Sunbrella, you will love the solution-dyed Marinex marine grade fabric on WindStorm covers. Marinex offers an advanced UV and mildew resistant coating for an attractive cover that will outlast and outperform many other covers on the market.

WindStorm is the best fitting, longest lasting, semi-custom boat cover on the market today. SilverCloud offers sleek and superior quality bass boat covers that are trailerable and designed to have superior strength for long lasting life.

These covers will not shrink or stretch. They are made of water repellent, breathable material that offers unbeatable all-weather protection. The Bass Boat is an extremely popular fishing boat for inland waters.

This is the go-to boat for avid bass fisherman that is also used by professionals in televised tournaments. The bass boat sits low in the water and has a wide beam, which creates excellent stability to allow boaters to stand on the deck platforms of the boat. There are typically chair mounts on the deck that also allow fisherman to sit up high on the deck while fishing.

The large platforms in the front and rear of the boat allow for a degree casting range. These boats are often equipped with electric trolling motors which allow the user to control the boat while standing and fishing on the bow. Bass boats are usually used by two people at a time. There is a cockpit with two seats for use when travelling at high speeds, and flat decks at the bow and stern for fishing. Copyright www. Dual console bass boat cover 60 Status 0 your cart is.

Search by Manufacturer. Search by Boat Style. Select this Style, Go to Sizes. BASS BOAT FEATURES: Sits low in the water and has a wide beam for stability Allows for a wide deck to stand on and dual console bass boat cover 60 Forward and aft fishing decks allow for optimal fishing range and view Two seated cock pit only accommodates two people, but allows the boat to plane quickly and reach very high speeds Most models also include additional single seats on the deck, allowing fishermen to enjoy a degree range for fishing Are constructed from fiberglass or aluminum Large outboard motor in the rear and dual console bass boat cover 60 motor on the bow Popular types of Bass Boats include aluminum v jon, wide performance, and angled transom.

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