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Whether you are hunting waterfowl or ducks, there will probably be able to see your boat and avoid flying near you. This is where boat blinds come in. They help to conceal your boat and make duvk easy to approach ducks diy pvc boat duck blind 40 without them detecting you. Some blinds can be made from solid PVC frames while others involve scissor, metal frames that collapse diy pvc boat duck blind 40 not in use.

For someone with some experience in construction, it may take you approximately six hours to put together a boat blind. If you are a hunter of geese or ducks, then you know that the most important piece of equipment that needs to be functional and versatile are boat blinds.

In most cases, cheaply made bline blinds may fall down during strong winds while some expensive ones are heavy, cumbersome, and in most cases, hard to install. Alternatively, most duck hunters are choosing to go the DIY route since it is simple, low cost, and you can customize it to your boat and your hunting requirements.

Start by measuring the inside length dij width of your boat. You can diy pvc boat duck blind 40 this by using a measuring tape to find the widest part of the boat, which is usually located near the motor. Then locate the part of your boat where the body starts getting narrower. Measure the length of the back of the boat from just in front of the motor to the spot where it narrows.

In step 2, you need to cut two pieces of PVC pipe to match the length of the boat. Once the length has been located, transfer the measurements onto a PVC pipe with a 2 in [5.

Cut the pipe using a hacksaw at the mark that you made, and the cut should be as straight as it possibly can be. Another piece of the same size should be cut for your frame.

In this step, diy pvc boat duck blind 40 need to split each piece of PVC into equal pieces. So, for example, if the inside pcv of your boat is 9 feet then each section of pipe you cut will be 3 feet. In this step, glue the pieces back together using T-connections. T-connections contain two holes in the side and one of the top so you can join multiple pipes.

Glueing the pieces together will keep them from falling apart while you are using it; however, the step is purely optional. Using conduit clamps, attach the PVC pieces to the sides of your boat. Conduit clamps can be bought to match the size of your pipes to ensure a tight fit against the boat. So, as a rule of thumb, always installing it 6 inches or less from the top edge. In step six, you need to add 2 vuck vertical pipes into the T-connections.

Using a hacksaw, cut six pieces of PVC pipe so that they are 2 feet long. The end of each pipe should be pushed into the top holes of the T-connections to stand up vertically against the walls of diy pvc boat duck blind 40 boat. In the event that you want to take them apart, remove the horizontal connections to fold the pipes into your boat.

The conduit connections are really handy when it comes to rotating the pipes and collapsing blinds that are not in use. In this final step, you install a top rail to the frame. The top rail will make use of the same size pieces as the bottom of the frame.

So use your measurements from earlier and cut six new sections of PVC pipe using a hacksaw to fit between the four-way connections. Push diy pvc boat duck blind 40 pipe sections of the four-way connections bilnd that they span the length of the boat and support bllind frame. One of the most successful parts of waterfowl hunting is the art of concealment. Since geese and ducks have extremely good eyesight, they often see you before you see.

So here are a few steps or tips to stay concealed while hunting ducks and geese. Adding camouflage to your boat blinds is a sure-fire way to stay concealed from ducks and geese.

Using a matte dark green or brown exterior paint is a good idea as it will blend in with the rest of your camouflage. Next, you need to cut camouflage netting to fit the size of your boat. You can buy camouflage netting from hunting stores. You vuck also cut them into smaller sections, as this makes it easy to attach to the frame. This way, you will also be able to attach the prices easier.

Then hang the netting on the frame using zip ties. Wrap the netting completely to camouflage the boat. To ensure that you can still navigate easily, leave a small 2-foot window at the front and back of your boat. You can also attach blind grass onto the netting if you want additional camouflage. The grass can be bought online or bkat hunting speciality stores. You may choose to use dead branches and leaves or the natural plant life in your area as.

Being an avid waterfowl hunter can be an exhilarating experience if you know how to go about doing it. Skip to content. How hard is it to set up a blind on a boat?

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