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The most popular type of flat bottom boat design tackled as a DIY building project is a Jon boat. This boat is very popular because it is an ideal shallow water utility boat and can be used for transportation, fishing and duck hunting in extremely shallow waters as well as other more commercial myboat338 boatplansg: youtube. Oct 05, �� Step by step instructions on how to build a wooden boat for fishingThis video shows you how we built ours and it Diy Jon Boat Steering Gmbh floats very myboat338 boatplans basic flat-bottomed boa. Jun 12, - Explore Joe's board "jon boat ideas diy" on Pinterest. See more ideas about jon boat, boat, john boats pins.
������� � ������� � ���������� ����� � �������� �� ������. � �������������� �� ������������� ������. � ���������� � ����� ���������� YouTube. Stretched a 16 foot Lowe john out 4 feet on the front. Welded up custom trailer on lb axle, and used the old trailers rear, for the front. Boat still. DIY Livewell In Jon Boat w/ Cooling System Part 1.� There is a story behind Diy Jon Boat Trailer Youtuber the boat, I hope you enjoy! I will show you images of the boat as I got it, as well as progress images in the early stages of the build before I started my YouTube channel.

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They afterwards progressed progressed to a 19' sailing yawl as well as which has dual masts as well as is the campingdayweekender which is simply trailerable. Any square of furnishings I've done I regularly sense alternative additional sourroundings accessible ways to do a same thing. A single query: we referred to the crusing verion of a motorboat !

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