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We make Spray Decks for almost any Canoe. They have a unique mounting system and proven measurement guide to ensure a snug fit on your canoe. With many options and our ability to customize , you can design your deck the way you want it. Configure your Spray Deck in two or three pieces to enjoy greater freedom of movement and a whole lot more.

YKK zipper secures the hatch while a nylon cover with hook and loop helps shed water and keep the zipper free of dirt and grit. Constructed of high quality waterproof fabric with a 2" Velcro closure for safe, quick access in and out. When paddling calm waters the cockpits can be tucked under the deck to provide ventilation.

Hoops in front of the cockpits create a splashguard to deflect water away from the paddlers. They can be easily removed when not in use yet remain stationary with our new pocket system.

Once your deck is installed the hoops can be trimmed to the proper length. Roll-Away Cockpit Tabs A set of 7 velcro tabs around each cockpit to roll the cockpit down and away from you on those fair weather paddling days.

It is waterproof, has mould, mildew and UV inhibitors and is unaffected by temperature extremes. You can specify the length for a perfect fit. This system allows the deck to be drawn tight to shed water, regardless of load height.

We use a system that is easy to install and allows adjustment of load height to eliminate pooling. They will not corrode or jam like conventional snaps. They are low profile to eliminate snagging on branches, rocks and knuckles. Attached to the inside your boat, they allow the use of a single-pull lashing cord to draw the deck tight.

When the deck is removed your hull retains a nice, clean look. This type of system used with our optional two or three-piece deck gives you the ultimate in versatility. Tensile strength lbs. The Solo Deck comes with all standard features of the tandem, but with one cockpit and typically a smaller cargo hatch due to size limitations. During that crossing you may encounter wind or take on water over the gunwales, causing you to work much harder than is necessary. You drop into a kneeling position for more stability as the waves build and now have to fight the wind to keep your boat from crashing down waves.

It becomes more Diy Single Canoe Trailer Zoom difficult to maintain your angle and causes more water to come over your gunwales. Your bow paddler is not used to a fully loaded boat in such conditions and implores you make for the shore. As you do, the wind turns your boat parallel to the waves and it hits a submerged rock, taking on enough water to make paddling nearly impossible. You get to shore wet and cold. The wind is still blowing, your gear is soaked, your spirits are dashed, and your partner is demoralized.

Not a pretty situation, but one that can unfold very quickly. Once one thing goes wrong in a wilderness setting, the chance of something else going wrong rises exponentially.

This sets up a chain of events that can deteriorate your level of safety very quickly. When you are days away from help it is vital to stay in control and one step ahead of that first link in a potential chain of problems. A North Water spray deck can play a vital role in preventing these problems from arising in the first place.

Would the above-mentioned scenario be different with a spray deck? The spray deck dramatically reduces the amount of water in your boat and the punishing effects of the wind. This allows you to obtain maximum effectiveness from your paddle strokes and maintain a correct angle. Simply put, you do not have to work as hard, you stay drier, and you are more likely to maintain your body temperature. Heck, you may have even start to have fun trying to surf the waves as they carry you toward shore.

Even if that that pesky submerged rock Diy Canoe Kayak Trailer 00 turns you sideways and a wave crashes over your boat, the spray deck sheds the water off the deck as you quickly brace and re-establish your angle and paddle to shore - Two different scenarios with two very different outcomes.

The use of a North Water spray deck is no substitute for experience and common sense, but it does give you a valuable tool to deal with a wide variety of elements that have the potential to affect the outcome of your trip. Below are a few of the expeditions that have relied on North Water Spray Decks.

We had no problem finding the shop and the people there were most helpful. We happened to arrive at the river at the crest of an all time recorded high water level and the whitewater was amazing. The cover worked very well allowing us run 15 rapids that we would not have been able to run in open boats. This saved us several days of portages. We're back from our Thelon trip and I'm catching up on business stuff etc.

I've had a quick first run-through of my photos and video and hope to put something together for you in the next few weeks. The decks were great. We basically left the deck on the boat the entire time as we were able to load and unload through the hatch and cockpits. What a great design feature that large hatch is. I've used a North Water spray deck for every major canoe expedition I've done.

It is a crucial expedition piece. It keeps you cozy on pissing wet days, allows you to paddle big open water that leaves most canoes wind-bound and lets you to confidently run white water. It rolls up nice and small if you're not using it or can be kept on and portaged easily with the large centre hatch.

I currently have 2 pack cloth decks - one with almost days on it- and both are still going strong. The quality is exceptional and I wouldn't do an expedition without one.

I brought mine on a solo canoe expedition across Canada over the course of 3 springs and summers. It is still keeping the water out of my boat! I was able to have waves pouring over the canoe with no serious concern of swamping. Without it, I suspect that it would have taken me a month and a half or more to complete that portion of my journey.

The cover made a huge difference in preventing my canoe from catching the wind, so I used it whenever I knew I would not be portaging frequently. Next time I would install a zippered Cargo hatch. Seth Wotten - Water for Future Generations. When I was pelted by endless rain and wind for days, it made all the difference.

The basic equipment for canoeing as you know is canoe, paddles, lifejacket and spraydeck!! Could not have done it without your support and help! Thanks for all your time and effort!

The deck was used on our two month crossing of northern Quebec. We probably had it out and on the boat ten times. I had never used a spray deck before this trip. The deck certainly came in handy several times. We paddled in a strong crosswind producing big 5 foot swells on a large barren ground lake. Some of the swells were actually breaking over the canoe. Traveling without the deck would have been completely out of the question. With the cover on we made quite excellent progress despite the really terrible conditions.

I was shocked at how well the canoe paddled. The deck did a great job of keeping out the majority of the water. The PVC "stays" that were to be inserted into the cockpit part of the deck was left behind at the start of the trip due to space constraints and the deck worked very well even without this feature.

We did take on some water when it pooled up on the loose cockpit part, but the PVC hoops would have prevented this. The paddle pockets on the top of the deck were really handy. The large zipper hatch was also an essential part of the design. One of the reasons why I enjoy canoeing is the easy access and ability to move around. The cargo hatch allowed for this to happen. The lace up system of attaching the deck seems to have worked really well.

I found it quick and easy to use. The product was really durable and seems like it would have held up for a long time.

I felt terrible about having to leave our canoe and the deck behind at the end of the trip. Kayakers thought we were crazy, but the cover kept us dry as a bone and made running this stuff quite acceptable. As soon as I get enough cash together I'll be buying a deck for whatever canoe I have at the time. Invaluable if your goal is to run rapids. I did note some things that could have been improved with the design. There is nothing inherently wrong with the design, just a few things I would work out if it were up to me.

At the start of the trip we had so much gear in the canoe that the deck could not be attached to the canoe. We were loaded above the gunnels by a good bit. Maybe some kind of "bellowed" design that folds away when laces tight could accommodate larger loads in the canoe.

Despite having burnt the end of the string for lacing up the deck the cord frayed. Some kind of a plastic tab like on the end of a shoelace wold prevent this and make lacing the deck on much easier. Some loops or something for attaching gear to te deck would be handy.

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