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Divya Bhatnagar revealed details of torture by husband in note before death - Television News
Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai actor Divya Bhatnagar has died in Mumbai. bollywood. Actor Divya Bhatnagar dies of Divya Bhatnagar Movies And Tv Shows Jack Covid at the age of 34, Devoleena and Shilpa Shirodkar post heartbroken tributes. After battling Covid and pneumonia for many days, actor Divya Bhatnagar has died in Mumbai on Monday. Her colleagues from the film industry have paid tributes. Read full story.� Her friend Yuvraj Raghuvanshi told Spotboye, �Divya passed away at 3am in the night. She had been shifted to Seven Hills Hospital and was suffering from breathing issues since 2 and at 3 doctor declared her death. Its a big shock for me and her family. May her soul rest in peace.� Late in November, Divya had shared a screenshot from one of her video calls on Instagram and wrote, �Hi my Instagram family. �����������:�49 ���.� ����:�?????????????????? | ????????????????| ?????????????? | ???? ?????? | ?????????? ????????. Television actor Divya Bhatnagar passed away on Monday after battling COVID for over a week. Now, her friend and fellow actor Devoleena Bhattacharjee has alleged that Divya was a victim of domestic violence. She further revealed that Divya's husband, Gaggan Gabru, has a molestation case pending against him. Here are more details on this.

Jump to navigation. TV actress Divya Bhatnagar passed away yesterday due to Covid in Mumbai and since then a lot has been reported about her troubled marriage. He revealed that Divya was subjected to violence at the hands of her husband, Gagan Gabru. Her family found the note yesterday. She had written a note on November 7, in which she had stated that Gagan tortures and abuses her. We found the note in her cupboard yesterday. She had also approached the police and filed an NC on November 16 against him, following an episode of domestic abuse.

I had told her to stay strong when I got to talk to her during her hospitalisation. In the video, a teary-eyed Devoleena Bhattacharjee started with fondly speaking about her bond with Divya. She said that Divya was like family to her and how their equation changed with time.

Who are you? You are nothing. You came here and begged for her acceptance. I cut off ties with her for four years because of you. Devoleena also said that Divya's life was filled with miseries and she was suffering in her marriage, which led her to have a mental breakdown. Devoleena went on to say that Gagan used to beat up Divya often and even stole some jewellery from her.

He was toxic as he physically and mentally tortured Divya. She then mentioned an incident when Gagan had come home on Karwa Chauth and beat Divya badly. Not only this, Devoleena also said that Gagan married Divya just for building contacts in the entertainment industry, and against the wishes of her family.

He was even put behind bars for six months and the case is still ongoing. Divya had registered an NC against Gagan. The actor then promised that she will give proofs of the problems in Divya and Gagan's relationship.

She said that she will prove the allegations against him and urged the industry to do a background check before working with him. A post shared by Devoleena Bhattacharjee devoleena. Divya was on a ventilator support after her condition deteriorated. Since she was a high blood pressure patient, she battled the disease for almost a week. She was rushed to the hospital on November 26 after her condition deteriorated.

Divya Bhatnagar revealed details of torture by husband in note before death Divya Bhatnagar, who died due to Covid recently, left a note behind in which she detailed the abuse she suffered at the hands of her husband, Gagan Gabru.

Her brother found the note in her cupboard. View this post on Instagram. Tags : Follow Divya Bhatnagar.


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