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NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Political Science (Civics)- Free PDFs NCERT Solutions for Class 8 Civics ; NCERT Solutions for Class 8 English ; decimal number system, laws of integral exponents, use of exponents to express small numbers in standard form. RD Sharma Solutions for Class 8 Maths Chapter 4 � Cubes and Cube Roots. NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Civics Chapter 4 in PDF form updated for new academic session based on latest CBSE Syllabus Download NCERT Books and Offline Apps for offline use. Ask your questions related to yours curriculum or general awareness in . NCERT Book Solutions For Class 10 Civics Democratic Politics -II Chapter 4 Gender, Religion and Caste *According to the Revised CBSE Syllabus , this chapter has been removed. In previous chapters, you have studied how different tiers of government and various social groups share power.

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If no, why not? Can we draw the following conclusions from the information given in this chapter? Give two facts to support your position for each of these. Answer: a The Election Commission of India is powerful enough to conduct free and fair elections: It implements the code of conduct and punishes any candidate or party that violates it.

In Elections, Government officials work under the EC and not the government. Election-related activities in the last few years have seen a larger participation by the people. Candidates who are known to spend a lot of money often lose elections. To ensure candidates with criminal records not participate.

Chinappa was convicted for torturing his wife for dowry. Satbir was held guilty of practicing untouchability. The court did not allow either of them to contest elections.

Does this decision go against the principles of democratic elections? Answer: This decision does not go against the principles of democratic elections. Any person who is convicted for a crime has not right to remain a part of the society and hence has no right to contest the election.

Here are some reports of electoral malpractices from different parts of the world. Is there anything that these countries can learn from India to improve their elections?

What would you suggest in each case? The court later found out that more than five lakh exercises votes cast for one candidate were counted in favour of another. This was a threat to voters of Indian origin. Authorities in the state of Florida took many controversial decisions that favoured Mr. Bush in the presidential elections in But no one could change those decisions. Answer: a In this case, representatives of each candidate should be present to make sure that the votes are counted in a fair way.

Page No: 76 Here are some reports of malpractices in Indian elections. Identify what the problem in each case is. What should be done to correct the situation? Answer: a After announcement of election, it is not legal to announce policy decisions according to Code of Conduct. Explanation : The Panchayati Raj System enables the development of the rural areas through the establishment of self government in them. The representative of Block Samitis of the district and other members who work at the district level makes up the a.

Panchayati Raj b. Zila Parishad c. Gram Panchayat d. The correct answer is option b. It enhances the work of the Block Samitis of the districts by working with them at the district level. Out of the total number of seats this percentage is reserved for women in the Panchayati Raj. The correct answer is option d.

Explanation : One-third of the total seats and one-third of the office of chairperson seats are reserved for women. This is done to provide women the equality in terms of opportunities at every level. The work done by the Gram Panhchayat and the accounts of expenditure can be reviewed by the a.

Nyaya Panchayat c. State Election Commission d. Gram Sabha. It has the powers of local court and can review the work done by the Gram Panchayat and pass judgements.

The Gram Panchayat is headed by the a. Gram Sabha b. Pradhan c. Panchayati Raj d. Explanation : Pradhan or Sarpanch is the authority that heads the Gram Panchayat. The Nyaya Panchayat can only impose a. The correct answer is option a. It has the powers of a local court; however, it can only impose fines and cannot send anybody to jail.

An important link between the Gram Panchayat and the Zila Parishad is the a. Lok Sabha c. Nyaya Panchayat d. Block Samiti. It is known by different names in different states; however, it is responsible for the same work. The Panchayati Raj is a two-tier system. The given statement is False. Explanation : The Panchayati Raj System is a three-tier system.

Members of a Nyaya Panchayat are also members of the Gram Sabha. One Nyaya Panchayat is elected for every four to five villages. The Gram Panchayat is responsible for implementing the Community Development Programme at the village level.

The given statement is True. Explanation : Gram Panchayat looks into the social, economic and political needs of the village. It is responsible for implementing the community development programme at the village level.

Zila Parishad is the body at the apex of the Panchayati Raj System. Explanation : Panchayati Raj System works at three levels, namely, village level, intermediate level and district level. Zila Parishad is the apex institution in the system that works at the district level. The Zila Parishad makes plans for the development of a block. Explanation : It is the Block Samiti that is responsible for making plans for the development of a block. Several experts of their respective fields sit together under the jurisdiction of the Samiti for the formulation of such plans.

Panchayati Raj is one of the fundamental pillars of Indian democracy. It is the system for self government in the rural areas. This system aims at the development of rural areas with diligent efforts. It works towards development in fields like agriculture, trade, industry, irrigation, sanitation and other facilities in rural areas.

The institution of Panchayats existed in India even during the ancient times. But during the British rule, the institution of Panchayats declined. The main reason for this was that the British did not trust the old system so they appointed new officials to look into the affairs of the people. This led to the decline of the age old institution of Panchayats. The Pradhan or Sarpanch is the official head of the Gram Panchayat. He is elected by the members of the Panchayat.

He organises the meeting and works to coordinate the affairs and activities of the Panchayat. What does the Block Samiti work as? It works in coordination with the two institutions. It is known by different names in different states. People are facing problems related to development, living standards, etc. Thus, there is a significant need for Panchayati Raj System in our country.

The Panchayati Raj System is a three-tier system in our country. It works at following levels: Gram Panchayat: It works at the village level.

It is responsible for catering to the social, economic and political needs of the people in the villages.

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