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Board Paper Solutions for CBSE Class 10 MATHS Board Paper Delhi Set 2 Important Questions on Class 10 Maths Chapter 6. Sides of triangles are given below. Determine this is a right triangles. In case of a right triangle, write the length of its hypotenuse. 7 cm, 24 cm, 25 cm. Sides of triangle: 7 cm, 24 cm and 25 cm. Squaring these sides, we get 49, and 49 + = Class 10 maths notes according to FBISE syllabus. Contains solved exercises, review questions, MCQs, important board questions and chapter overview. Free download NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Maths Chapter 6 Exercise Triangles PDF in Hindi Medium as well as in English Medium for CBSE, Uttarakhand, Bihar, MP Board, Gujarat Board, AP SSC, TS SSC and UP Board students, who are using NCERT Books based on updated CBSE Syllabus for the session

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Explain the complete proof of BPT and its converse. Also help the students to apply these theorems to solve the different problems. Now define the different similarity conditions and explain their proofs, and implement all these proofs in the different problems. Define the theorem: If a perpendicular is drawn from the vertex of the right angle of a right triangle to the hypotenuse, the triangles on either side of the perpendicular are similar to each other and to the whole triangle.

State and prove the theorem on the ratio of two similar triangle is equal to the ratio of their corresponding sides and explain its applications with the help of some examples. State and prove the Pythagoras theorem and its applications. State and prove the converse of Pythagoras theorem and its applications in different problems. After studying this lesson students should learn the proofs of BPT, area of two similar triangles, Pythagoras theorem and the converse of Pythagoras theorem.

Students should learn the implementation of these theorems in the different problems. Review questions given by the teacher. Students should made the presentation on any one of the theorem for the proof. Students can extend their learning through the Link and can find more valuable and interesting concepts on mathematics at cbsemathematics.

Class test , oral discussion, oral test, worksheets and assignments of extra questions from the refreshers. Lesson plan The questions from this topic mostly ask students to prove similarity between figures by applying the theorems. Once the students are made familiar with the concept of similarity, they are then introduced to the criteria under which two or more triangles are deemed similar. A thorough understanding of this topic will allow students to form the base for solving complex problems in higher mathematics.

This section outlines and explains the criteria for the similarity of triangles. The basic criteria for two triangles to be called similar include: if their corresponding angles are equal and if the corresponding sides of the triangles are in the same ratio or proportion. Students will be able to visualise the theorems as they are illustrated with the help of proper examples.

Students can understand the formula and learn the process for finding the surface area of similar triangles in this section. Students have already learnt the theorem and its proof in Class 9. In this section, students will learn how to prove this theorem by employing the concept of similarity of triangles.

The summary comprises all the topics that you have studied in the chapter. Going through the summary will allow you to recollect all that you have learnt in the chapter including the important concepts, theorems, etc. The list of exercise in the Maths Class 10 Chapter 6 has been provided below:.

Students using these solutions to prepare for the exam benefit due to the following reasons:. The solutions have been provided by experts making them reliable and free of errors. Students can learn and understand by using these solutions at their convenience with the help of physical copy. Students are able to get a good command over the subject which helps them to improve their scores as well.

Using these solutions can yield many benefits for the students as they can refer to them if they are stuck with a problem or are having trouble gaining command over any topic.

Moreover, all the solutions have been provided in a systematic manner so that students are able to make judicious use of their time as they prepare for the exams.

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