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Question 1- Give one example each of a primitive data type and a composite data type. Question 2- Give one point of difference between unary and binary operators.

A unary operator requires a single operand whereas a binary operator requires two operands. Question 3- Differentiate between call by value or pass by value and call by reference or pass by reference. In call by value, a copy of the data item is passed to the method which is called whereas in call by reference, a reference to the original data item is passed.

No copy is. Primitive types are passed by value whereas reference types are passed by reference. Question 5- Name the types of error syntax, runtime or logical error in each case given below: i Division by a variable that contains a value of zero. Question 6- Create a class with one integer instance variable.

Initialize the variable using:. Question 7- Complete the code below to create an object of Scanner class. Question 8- What is an array? Write a statement to declare an integer array of 10 elements. An array is a reference data used to hold a set of data of the same data type. Question 9- Name the search or sort algorithm that: i Makes several passes through the array, selecting the next smallest item in the array each time and placing it where it belongs in the array.

Question Differentiate between public and private modifiers for members of a class. Variables and Methods whwith the public access modie the class. Question Question - What are the values of x and y when the following statements are executed?

Therefore, n will be Question What will be the result stored in x after evaluating the following expression? Question State the method that: i Converts a string to a primitive float data type ii D i if h ifi d h i iscandicseboardqa.

Question State the data type and values of a and b after the following segment is executed. Data type of a is int and b is boolean. Question What will the following code output? Question Inthe program given below, state the name and the value of the i method argument or argument variable iscandicseboardqa. Question What is meant by precedence of operators? Ch 20 class 10 maths icse keyboard of operators refers to the order in which the operators are applied to the operands in an expression.

Question What is a literal? A ch 20 class 10 maths icse keyboard is a constant data item. There are different literals like integer literals, floating point literals and character literals.

Question State the Java concept that is implemented through: i a super class and a subclass. Question Give a difference between constructor and method. Question Class 10 Maths Ch 1 Ex 1.2 Solutions Pdf What are the types of casting shown by the following examples? Question Name any two wrapper classes. Question What is the difference between break and continue statements when they occur in a loop.

The break statement terminates the loop while the continue statements current iteration of the loop to be skipped and continues with the next iteration. Question Write statements to show how finding the length of a character array and char[] differs from finding the length of a String object str. Question Name the Java keyword that: i indicates a method has no return Byjus Class 7 Maths Chapter 3 Part type.

Question What Ch 1 Of Maths Class 10 Answer is an exception? An exception is an unforeseen situation that occurs during the execution of a program. In simpler words, they are the errors that occur during the execution of a program. The JRE throws an Exception object to indicate an exception which contains the information related to that exception. Question Write Java statement to create an object mp4 of class digital.

Question What does a class encapsulate? A class encapsulated the data instance variables and methods. Question Rewrite the following program segment using the if. Question How many times will the following loop execute? What value will be returned? So, the loop executes five times and the value of y that will be returned is Question What is the data type that the following library functions return?

So, Math. So Math. Note that pow and sqrt return double values and not int values. Question What is the final value of ctr after the iteration process given below, executes? Outer loop runs five times.

For each iteration of the outer loop, the inner loop runs 3 times. Question Name the methods of Scanner class that: i is used to input an integer data from standard input stream. Question What is the difference between an object and a class? A class is a blueprint or a prototype of a real world object.

It contains instance variables ch 20 class 10 maths icse keyboard methods whereas an object is an instance of a class. A class exists in the memory of a computer while an object does not. There will be only one copy of a class whereas multiple objects can be instantiated from the same class.

Give an example for keyword. Keywords are reserved words which convey special meanings to the compiler and cannot be used as identifiers. Example of keywords : class, public, void, int. State the difference between entry controlled loop and exit controlled loop.

In an ch 20 class 10 maths icse keyboard controlled loop, the loop condition is checked before executing the body of the loop. While loop and for loop are ch 20 class 10 maths icse keyboard entry controlled loops in Java. In exit controlled loops, the loop ch 20 class 10 maths icse keyboard is checked after executing the body of the loop.

What are the two ways of invoking functions? If the function is static, it can be invoked by using the class. If the function is non-static, an object ch 20 class 10 maths icse keyboard that class should be created and the function should be invoked using iscandicseboardqa. State ch 20 class 10 maths icse keyboard total size in bytes, of the arrays a [4] of char data type and p [4] of float data type.

So, it gives true. The output is:. Analyse the following program segment and determine how many times the loop will be executed and what will be the output of the program segment? So, the loop executes six times and value of p is Explain the concept of constructor overloading with an example.

A class can have more than one constructor provided that the signatures differ. This is known as constructor overloading. Give the prototype of a function search which receives a sentence sentnc and a word wrd and returns 1 or 0? Write a statement each to perform the following task on a string: i Find and display the position of the last space in a string s.

What are library classes? Give an example. Library classes are the predefined classes which are a part of java API. Ex: String, Scanner. Write one difference between Linear Search and Binary Search. Linear search can be used with both sorted and unsorted arrays. Binary search can be used only with sorted arrays. Type conversion or casting is the conversion of the data type of a literal from one type to.

There are tow types of types of casting � implicit casting and explicit casting. An Exception is an error which occurs during the execution ch 20 class 10 maths icse keyboard a program. The exception handling blocks are try, catch and finally. Question State the purpose and return data type of the following String functions: iscandicseboardqa.

Question What is the result stored in x, after evaluating the following expression. Non static varaiables belong to the objects. Each object has a copy of these ch 20 class 10 maths icse keyboard. Non static function can access both static and non static data members.


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The following parameters are commonly used in a for loop:. Define the following with their constructs: a Entry controlled loop An entry-controlled loop checks the condition at the time of entry.

Only if the condition is true, the program control enters the body of the loop. If the condition is true, loop will perform the next iteration otherwise program control will move out of the loop. What is the purpose of using: a break statement break statement is used to unconditionally jump out of the loop b continue statement continue statement is used to unconditionally jump to the next iteration of the loop, skipping the remaining statements of the current iteration.

What do you understand by inter-conversion of loops? We can convert the repetitive logic written using one type of loop into any of the other 2 types. For example, if some repetitive logic is coded using a for loop, we can convert that for loop into while or do-while loop. This is termed inter-conversion of loops. Define the following: a Finite loop A loop which iterates for a finite number of iterations is termed as a finite loop.

Delay loops have an empty loop body. State one difference and one similarity between while and do-while loop Similarity � Both while and do-while are suitable in situations where numbers of iterations is not known. Difference � while is an entry-controlled loop whereas do-while is an exit-controlled loop. State one similarity and one difference between while and for loop. Similarity � Both for and while are entry-controlled loops Difference � for loop is a suitable choice when we know the number of iterations beforehand.

Give two differences between Step loop and Continuous loop. In Continuous loop, loop control variable is incremented or decremented by 1 in each iteration whereas in Step loop the loop control variable is incremented or decremented by more than 1 in each iteration.

Notice that System. The statement System. After 2 iterations y becomes less than x so condition of while loop becomes false and it stops executing. Write a program to input any 50 numbers including positive and negative. Perform the following tasks: a Count the positive numbers b Count the negative numbers c Sum of positive numbers d Sum of negative numbers.

Write a program to enter any 50 numbers and check whether they are divisible by 5 or not. If divisible then perform the following tasks: a Display all the numbers ending with the digit 5. A 'Buzz Number' is the number which ends with 7 or is divisible by 7. Write a program to input a number and count the number of digits. The program further checks whether the number contains odd number of digits or even number of digits.

Write a program to input a number and display the new number after reversing the digits of the original number. The program also displays the absolute difference between the original number and the reversed number.

Divide the larger number by the smaller, the remainder then divides the previous divisor. The process repeats unless the remainder reaches to zero. The last divisor results in GCD. The process repeats and finally the monkey reaches the top of the pole.

Write a program to input height of the pole.

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