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So you have decided to invest in a canopy cover , or, as your case may be, reinvest in a canopy cover? In either case, the information we will provide in this article will make your choice a bit easier. If you are interested in purchasing a new canopy cover for your boat lift there are a number of details that you will need to know to make the outcome of your purchase a good one.

The first decision you need to make is whether or not you want an OEM or aftermarket canopy. There are some circumstances where an aftermarket canopy might be a better choice, especially if your specific weather conditions make eliminate the OEM material as an option.

Many of the OEM product lines are available in only one material, a factor that may limit their applicability for your specific needs, a case in which a thorough knowledge of your options is important. You can still go with an OEM product if you really want to, however, keep in mind that the longevity of the OEM canopy may be diminished if you live in an area with extreme weather conditions, requiring that you replace the canopy every years versus every One of the most obvious differences between these two options is the price.

The price difference is attributed to far more than just the brand name or OEM logos, as patented construction processes and design features are part of the OEM quality that you would pay for. The OEM canopies are designed by the original manufacturer and are constructed specifically for the model of lift that you have.

However, there are a number of canopies available that are made by a secondary manufacturer and use different materials to construct the canopy; specific to the canopy frame you have, and designed to provide a comparable product to the OEM model. The most accurate method for determining this is to measure the inside dimensions of your lift from upright to upright across your boat lift. The length, however, is not as straight forward. This is largely determined by the length of the watercraft being placed on the lift.

The next step will be to determine the dimensions of your canopy frame and the material out of which the canopy is constructed. Not all canopy frames are measured in the same way and once you know what style of canopy frame you have, you will need to determine the exact measurements. As an example, if you have a ShoreStation lift with an aluminum canopy frame, you will want to measure the side rail length and then add two feet; to get the width , measure the inside width of the bottom frame in inches, this will ensure that the canopy you choose will fit.

After you have made your decision to buy an OEM or aftermarket canopy and have learned how to measure your canopy frame, you will then need to decide on a canopy material.

However, if you decide on an aftermarket model then you have several material options to choose from; each designed for specific conditions. This decision is very important as the environmental conditions in which the canopy will be employed are very important. Further, the price you will pay is dependent on the type of material and the method of construction of the canopy.

Each of the materials we will discuss in part 2 of this article are constructed with these consideration in mind and represent the best the current market has to offer in marine canopies. There are three primary aftermarket materials that are available. Each of these materials has their strengths and weaknesses, yet each will perform well when used in the proper environment.

The choice of which material to go with can quickly become a highly nuanced affair and we will discuss the differences so that you can make an informed decision. To get a closer look at the specifics of the available options we have written a second part to this article featuring the three main canopy materials that are available. Previous Next. View Larger Image. Part One So you have decided to invest in a canopy cover , or, as your case may be, reinvest in a canopy cover?

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