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According to R. Davis - "management is the function of executive leadership everywhere". The best of leaders do well at prevailing over obstacles and a reputation is something that they can be change. The hardest part has been picking what section of the corals to fish. Some customers have told me that rather than anchoring they have been drifting across the.

This whiting measured 53cm and tipped the scales over a massive 1kg. It was in extremely good condition. Several whopper sharks like this have been caught in the bay this season. Drifting in these areas can be difficult over the busy times, but going to the fish rather than waiting until they come to you can be a successful way of fishing.

Berley has helped a lot and cubed pilchards or crushed up pilchards in a berley pot have the most success. The odd larger snapper has been reported over the last few weeks. This will continue right through until next season and is normal for this time of the year.

It seems to be a bit more regular over the last few years with more resident fish and more people chasing them through the off seasons. Apart from the quality catches of flathead offshore lately with the tiger flathead showing up in reasonable size and numbers, the flathead in the bay have also been quite good and plenty are well-worth taking home. Most of the reports in the bay are from those who are chasing pinkies around the corals, and the odd report has come from some of the deeper water areas and channel edges around the bay; many of these flathead are the biggest reported.

The other flathead reports have come from those chasing whiting. The majority caught are the prized rock flathead. Whiting, calamari and garfish are what you need to be geared up for if you are heading to Dickies Bay or around Maggie Shoal.

A good pair of polarized sunglasses is a must, because you will often see these fish in the water before you catch them. One thing you need to leave at home is that mate who continually.

All three of the species you are catching in these shallow areas are very easily spooked and fishing shallow water any noise can turn them off. Another trick of my successful customers is to have the anchor in the back of the boat, so you can let it out without rattling the chain everywhere, or have a chain sock on it, which will quieten it considerably.

I think this is why kayak fishers are so successful at times, because the noise they make is minimal at best. We got the phone call at the shop asking if he could weigh a fish saying he thought it looked bigger than the whiting he had seen while fishing with his mates. When he arrived, it was obvious it was good size measuring just over 53cm and as thick as your arm.

When the scales settled the weight was g, the magic 1kg whiting � something those with some very expensive gear and years of experience have only seen in pictures. Or, of course, if you prefer to get the magazine in the post, either go to isubscribe and fill in your details, or phone the office on and we can organise it for you. With the first month of done and dusted, anglers have made the most of the warm and consistent weather catching a wide array of fish from garfish to gummy sharks, with and the odd broadbill swordfish being landed.

These fish have mostly been targeted with traditional tactics; paternoster rigs baited with fresh prawns or mussels have been truly deadly. Throughout town, the fishing has been very slow. Nowa providing quality action. Bream anglers enjoyed the challenge of sight fishing for cruising bream; the mud flats and steep rock walls have been the centre of the action.

Early and late in the day will produce quality bream and the odd flathead on surface lures bent minnowstyle lures.

These have been extremely productive,. Prawn patterns are very effective at this time of year and are quickly taken by hungry predators. These have made extremely productive baits throughout the Gippsland region along with prawn imitation lures.

With all these prawns on the move the fishing has been reasonably consistent. The main lakes are back. Areas such as the North Arm Bridge and Kalimna rock wall are producing quality luderick, though, on the standard running float rig bait with local green weed.

These offerings have been fished tight to cover, allowing the sometimes wary fish to easily pick up the bait. Make your lure land as close as possible to a likely area. With recent holidays, the Lake Tyers fish stocks have been a bit gun shy. Keen anglers are still getting stuck into quality bream and flathead � a key to success at this time off year is hitting the water early before every other person is out and about. The snaggy edges of the Nowa Nowa Arm have produced some great sight fishing with bream often seen rolling and flashing and crunch barnacles off the snags.

If you have been out for a fish lately and have a great pic, please send it to stevenprykefishing gmail. The higher reaches of Lake Tyers are a snag fishing paradise.

The weather is warming up and so is the fishing. The warm water has arrived from the NSW East Coast and moved into our area of Bass Strait and the baitfish have arrived in big numbers exciting the gamefishing anglers.

It will be only a short time before they start attacking baits and lures. Along with the yellowtail kingfish many other species also arrive, such as stripy tuna, mako sharks and pike.

Soon the marlin will also appear. In the meantime there. The surf beaches are also producing good catches of salmon, tailor, flathead and gummy sharks on a variety of baits and lures. The whole estuary system is fishing well from the Marlo entrance all the way up both the Bridribb and Snowy rivers. Down towards the entrance anglers are having plenty of fun fishing the incoming tide for salmon and tailor either spinning with metal lures or trolling with both metal and hardbodied lures.

Dusky flathead are in good numbers on the sand flats that stretch from the Marlo Jetty all the way down to Frenchs Narrows; the best results come from wading and spinning with soft plastic lures. Prawns have begun to show up. Estuary perch have also started to show up on the snags and structures in both the Snowy and Brodribb rivers; the best results have come on live prawn or lures. Luderick can be found schooling along the rock groins surrounding the islands and river banks.

For the anglers who prefer to use lures, the fishing area is unlimited. Golden-eye mullet are also in big schools throughout the whole system. After a busy few weeks with holidaymakers enjoying the break, we are slowly getting back to normal here in the Gippy Lakes.

Boat traffic is winding down but the fishing is gearing up and getting better by the day. We are starting to enjoy some terrific lure sport and these last few weeks have been really hot. The better areas include the Mitchell around the highway bridge right up to the barrier, the Nicho River up to the backwater and from the mid sections to the entrance of the Tambo. The Straits at Hollands Landing is also slowly starting to fire and the flats around Lake Victoria will start to produce this month.

You can almost expect a lot of bream between 42 and 45cm each trip and not many fish under 32cm. There is also some white knuckled. The best lures for the snags have been hardbodies like the Hurricane Kaplunks or Twitch 50 lures. A few of us have also encountered a lot of big perch almost as by-catch while snag fishing. One morning I landed five out of eight hook-ups with some nasty fish almost impossible to turn. No wonder I had trouble, because one EP I eventually tamed went a nice 48cm.

The lower Tambo and Mitchell rivers will continue to produce very big bream and some days you will sight fish the bream and throw unweighted plastics and small hardbodies to cruising or feeding fish. They are a fussy predator at times but they rarely knock back a live bait. Big squid baits are also worth a try. Kingies can be large fish in this area and you usually find them between 50 and 70cm and even over 80cm � you need to gear up accordingly.

Big soft plastics are best on these kings and fast retrieves are a must. They will readily take surface lures as well. If you decide to try live baits when fishing the Gippy Lakes then be prepared for a by-catch like massive flathead or a lucky mulloway capture. Even gummy sharks to 5ft have been caught near Metung over the last few years. Big perch are back in the rivers for summer and are holding deep in the snags. Robert had put his boat in at the Nicholson Boat Ramp and was searching the Mitchell flats in the late afternoon out in the vast shallows of Lake King.

He was hooking big nasty bream with most casts and netted over a dozen big fish. His best five bream. The trick to success out in this lake is to target bream when the wind gets up with plenty of solid wave action. The bream will attack lures freely as they use the choppy water for a bit of cover and the rougher the conditions, the better the bite! Since Savage boats have been taking Aussies fishing.

With our Ultra Lift Hull designed to get you there fast and dry and the tough plate sides on the and up, we can handle just about anything. Since Since Savage boats have been taking fishing. At a the tough plate sidesplate on the up, and we can handle just about anything.

Get Savage. At a price that our competitors blush. Be Be Prepared. The bream being caught recently have been up to 42cm and flathead are in abundance. The river has been very quiet but the lake and the channel have made up for it.

Sandra, a regular visitor to Bemm River, loves her fishing; she was delighted with how easy the transfer was from her wheelchair into this hire boat with the new All Abilities Hoist. Prawns have been quiet this season. The surf has been great with salmon up to 5kg. These fish have been taking mainly blue surf poppers and pilchards. There have also been good reports of tiger flathead and trevally being caught off the surf as well.

Now that Bemm River has navigation aids, night fishing has become a popular activity. It has been great to see the new All Abilities Hoist in action at our modern launching facility. Wheelchair-bound visitors are now able to enjoy being on the water and dangling a line. Wellsy with a 69cm flathead caught on pilchard at Port Albert. The one good thing is that the whiting that have been caught have been a cracking good size up to 46cm long.

With summer in full swing, the water is warm and the fishing has been nothing short of sensational. Firstly, the inside fishing has been very good with the big blue-spot flathead being on the chew in the shallows around Manns Beach and Port Albert. McLoughlins has had a bit of slimy weed inside making the lure fishing difficult at times, however there are certain tides that seem a bit cleaner than others, which is why anglers have been going further west instead.

The flatties are huge at the moment and are being caught up to 70cm in length. The bait anglers are doing well but use berley and sit in the shallows to get those larger flathead into the trail and you will do well. The whiting have been much quieter than last season. There has been a stack caught around the islands and the prom, however most have been just undersized at cm but you will get a few around the 65cm mark and the odd one at 80cm swell.

Trolling skirts has been the most effective way to find the kingies and then jigging with knife jigs or medium-sized micro-jigs has been the go. You will get expert advice and great deals on fishing bait and tackle.

Now, choose cutting-edge over commonplace. Choose more torque over more talk. Choose more time on the water over more time in the shop. Choose the outboard that performs, and looks like no other outboard in the world. Hollands Landing is an awesome little fishery that is 2 hours from Melbourne and only a short drive from the centre of Bairnsdale. It is home to some of the best bream fishing in the country, with countless anglers, fishing clubs and competitions visit there all year round chasing some of those monster specimens.

Remember that the size slot limit for dusky flathead is now cm with a total possession limit of 5 fish per angler. Letting the bigger fish go will ensure stock levels are maintained and the breeders are left. A typical Hollands Landing bream caught on a surface lure early in the morning. Bream fishing is exceptional in the winter months when the fish start to school up pre spawn.

Cricket scores of fish can be caught during the time of the year and can make for some top-notch fishing. Fishing blades in the open water and along rock walls is very effective and one of the easiest ways to catch bream. Locating schooled up bream. When fishing for bream in snags you want to have it locked up making it easier to pull fish from the timber and not get busted off. It is best to have the drag backed off when fishing in open water for bream and flathead.

Good catches to get in gear this February be long before the striped marlin make an appearance. A variety of fish are being caught on the local beaches, with the warm water really firing things up. Salmon are being caught along with yellowfin bream and sand whiting. A few gummy sharks are also being caught by those fishing into the night.

Good fish have been caught from the local headlands with bream, drummer and luderick turning up in the wash with a berley trail bringing them on the bite. Salmon are. The town is abuzz with visitors and with all the caravan parks in the area busy, the good launching facilities and parking at Quarantine Bay caters for anglers heading out into Twofold Bay and beyond. Good catches of sand flathead have been found heading north towards Haycock Point with fish also being caught down a bit from South Head.

For the more adventurous, the fishing in Disaster Bay has been worth the drive. Out wider the tiger flathead have been biting with good catches of goodsize fish being reported. The local reefs have been fishing well for snapper with morwong and leatherjackets also being caught along with some good sized gummy sharks. Kingfish are also being caught down towards Mowarry Point. With the. The local estuaries are fishing well with good catches of dusky flathead taken on a variety of soft plastic lures and live baits like mullet and nippers have been catching fish for the bait anglers.

Good numbers of prawns are in the lakes and rivers as well and are great eating. Fresh prawns are one of the best baits you can use � sand whiting, bream and flathead will take a fresh prawn with gusto. The summer months are the time to spend the night out chasing mulloway.

Fish around the full moon and new moon for the best chance of catching a fish. Both the estuaries and the beaches are worth a try. Flathead are an excellent fish to introduce kids to fishing with lures. It works by automatically putting two 12 volt batteries in series when you need to run the trolling motor and in parallel for charging. It is bi-directional so when not trolling, the trolling booster battery backs up your starting or house battery.

The Trollbridge24 is suitable for installations with alternators up to amps and 24 volt trolling motors up to 85 amps. The Combiner is a voltage-sensing relay When the charging ceases, the relay opens so that each battery operates independently. This combiner is suitable for installations with alternators up to amps with one battery in each bank. Larger installations should consider using the Amp model.

Bastion Point has been busy when the wind has allowed boats to head outside and the fishing has been good with decent numbers of gummy sharks being caught along with sand flathead and tiger flathead in the deeper water. Big schools of baitfish are about, and wherever the baitfish can be found there is a good chance of catching a kingfish. To find the baitfish keep an eye out for bird activity, trolling lures has been the way to go as you are covering more ground.

Out wider there has been. Along the beach salmon and a few good flathead are being caught with pilchard being the best bait. Down at Quarry Beach gummy sharks are being caught by those fishing into the night. You never know what might turn up when fishing here, as a good cast puts the bait into deep water. The main lake at Sun Tracker Pontoon Fishing Boat 03 Mallacoota is closed to the ocean and it will take a good lot of rain before it will open again. Betka River is also closed. Both of the lakes have good numbers of prawns; they are a good size and will only get bigger over the coming months.

Good fishing has been had in the lake with decent catches of dusky flathead coming from both the Top and Bottom Lakes. Fish have also been caught as far upstream as Gypsy. Soft plastic lures have worked well and bait fishers are doing well using fresh prawn for bait.

Good numbers of good-size flounder are also being caught on soft plastic lures and prawns. Decent silver trevally are being caught in Harrisons Channel. The Narrows and the Top Lake have been fishing well for bream, both black and yellowfin, with the margins of both lakes fishing well. Prawns are a good choice of bait and a variety of lures are working well. A few anglers have been fishing into the night chasing mulloway, but so far there has been little to report.

With the lake closed there have been some good catches of fish coming from Gypsy Point and above with reports of good black bream and flathead. Most methods are working like jigging, live baiting, drifting with squid or trolling, with the. More often than not it takes even longer to retrieve, but the rewards are worth it. There are many options now; you can do that deep. There are good kings like this one to be found at Montague Island and along the coastline. There are also some of those larger game species already mentioned lurking there.

The reef and bottom fishing are also in full swing with plenty to be had for all. Most of your popular flathead species are on the chew with the sandies hanging around areas like Tilba to the north, Cuttaggee, Murrah and Goalen Head to the south. The odd nice gummy shark is also adding to the bags. Out wider around the Four or Six Mile Reefs there are plenty of tiger flathead on the fringes after you drift off the reefs where the snapper and morwong are lurking.

Venturing out into depths of m or more with the aid of electronic reels, these become more accessible than ever before, with a mixture of species on offer. These include fish such as hapuka, blue-eye trevalla, gemfish, John Dory, ocean perch and more with the number one attraction for anglers being their excellent eating qualities.

There are also a few schools of yellowfin tuna around along with plenty of striped tuna, frigate mackerel and the odd mahimahi. Bait schools are the key.

Where you find the bait like stripies, mackerel or frigates, you will find the predators like hammerhead sharks, which are everpresent at this time of year and loves all of the above.

There are plenty around and they are great fun. Recent rains and minor. Nearby Wallaga Lake is still well and truly open to the ocean where it is providing some of its best fishing. In the main lake lure fishing for duskies is excellent with plenty on the chew, along with a few nice tailor, bream and the odd pinkie snapper or mulloway.

Below the bridge towards the entrance in the channels a wellplaced nipper around the weed beds will account for some nice luderick, whiting and trevally. A well-laid berley trail will bring in plenty of yellowfin bream, mullet, flathead and a nice little added by-catch of some of the largest garfish I have seen.

The Bermagui River is also playing host to many of these species. A lot of these species are on the chew out on the beaches as well.

With some great gutters being formed following the rains species like whiting, mullet, bream, salmon, mulloway and tailor are all calling this area home. Thankfully lots of fish stayed in the dam after the floods where anglers can take advantage of an evening or morning, either with lure or fly, as these fish feast on the insect activity associated with the warmer months of summer. Merimbula has been a pretty busy place over recent weeks with the holiday crowds but, with school back in, some sort of normality has returned for the local fishing community.

Anglers fishing offshore have seen the marlin action hot to trot with multiple captures occurring daily. Both black and stripies have been caught mainly by boat crews trolling lure spreads of pushers. The fathom line and further east has seen most of the action. Some crews have been getting six shots a day and I know of two crews getting double hook-ups, which is awesome to see.

Exmouth this month. One can only hope. Snapper, morwong and kingfish are plentiful on the reefs with sand and tiger flathead in good numbers on the sand. Fish in 30m straight off the Pambula River mouth for the sandies; the gravel edges along the reefs in deeper water are best for the tigers. You can expect a few gummy sharks too, as there have been quite a few caught with the average fish around kg � a great size for the pan.

The rocks are still firing well for the pelagic species like salmon, tailor, striped tuna and kingfish. Both Short Point and Tura Head. I know some big fish around the 15kg mark have come from Tura Head of late; a lot of luck needs to be on your side to land a fish like that. Casting smaller chromies up to 50g should also work, especially on the smaller pelagics.

The rock fishing will only get better as the weeks pass. February to May is prime time for these speedsters and I for one will be getting amongst them. On the beaches both bream and whiting numbers have really increased over recent weeks and this will continue right through the month.

Anglers using a lightly weighted rod with live beach worms or pipis will catch plenty with most local beaches holding fish.

Just remember most of these species will be caught just past the shore dump. Merimbula main has seen some solid night. At full speed, one battery works for up to 1 hour; but for leisure cruise, it usually lasts 3 to 5 hours. Its excellent design received IF Design Award Another mad January has passed for the Narooma locals who now look forward to some fishing in slightly less congested waterways. In saying that, the fishing has been pretty good, especially in the estuaries and early morning starts have been a key ingredient to more consistent results.

The bigger estuaries like Wagonga Inlet, Corunna. Fish to 90cm have been caught regularly, with most flatties averaging cm.

All methods are working with smaller softplastics, live poddy mullet and strips of striped tuna all producing results. The fish are widespread, but the bigger models are coming from the shallower sections around the basin margins. There have been several ft bronze whalers caught and a few bigger ones lost, so if a decent bitey is on your list, this place is worth a look for sure. The better beaches that have produced a few include North Tura towards Bournda Island.

The channel section below the main bridge has been exceptional for bream, trevally, tailor and flathead with the flats adjacent to both sides of the channel producing whiting on worms and nippers on the flooding tide. In the. Fishing weedless soft plastics is dynamite in this situation. Concentrate your efforts around the pockets of sand that exist amongst the weed beds. Whiting are around in big numbers too. Anglers using Bass yabbies and squirt worms are getting the best results.

Again the shallower sections are the place to fish, particularly in Wagonga Inlet. Using very light leaders can be the difference to getting a few fish or a quality bag. Decently sized trevally are a probability, especially if you use soft plastics.

Anglers fishing the beaches are catching plenty of whiting on beach worms and pipis on a flooding tide. There top lake solid flathead to 80cm are being caught on a regular basis and most are let go, which is great to see. There have been ample tailor early before the boat traffic becomes too much with plenty of snapper and bream around the ribbon weed edges in m of water. Soft plastics and blades have worked a treat with bait fishos getting their fair share too.

The Tuross River has plenty of EPs around this size. Most local beaches are holding fish � Brou and Narooma main are the best. You will also get the odd bream and quality salmon when targeting the whiting. The better beaches for salmon include Brou and Blackfellows just south of Tuross, though the salmon action has been patchy over the last weeks. Off the stones the pelagic speedsters are keeping most rock-hoppers happy. All platforms are producing � the golfie rocks in town, Dalmeny headland and High Rock near Mystery Bay are all worth a look.

You can expect bonito, salmon, frigate mackerel and smaller kingfish with a mixture of chromed lures, pilchards and live bait all working at times. Early mornings seem best with that first two hours from dawn the prime time in my books. Cabbage and weed are the pick of the baits. At Montague Island the kingfish have been plentiful with most techniques working.

Jigging has been exceptional with fish between the cm mark being most common. As we know, the legal size is 65cm, so there are quite a few undersize fish. Do the right thing and let the smaller models go. There has been. The kings are widespread with the southern pinnacles and Fowl House Reef holding plenty.

Mixed in with the kings are loads of bonito, with striped tuna schools thick at times. It would be great to slow troll a live bait for a beakie but due to the soaring seal population this would be near impossible to do.

There have been plenty of tiger flathead in 60m on the outside edge of the rough stuff off Potato Point so it too might be worth a look. You should snaffle a few snapper on these grounds also, but the reds have been a little finicky of late. Out wider game anglers. All three marlin species have been caught, though stripies from kg are the most common. Trolling skirted lures and switch-baiting with live slimy mackerel have again been the best methods for the beakies.

The fish have been widespread along the shelf, though the Tuross Canyons and Kink Grounds have had some memorable days recently. There have been reports of yellowfin tuna on the smaller side. Formosa Marine commemorates 20 years Formosa Marine are proud to acknowledge that marks 20 years of aluminium boat building for the Australian boating public.

From humble beginnings, Formosa Marine now sees itself as one of the mainstay brands of the Australian. A Formosa Marine built hull is marketed under the Tomahawk and Sea-Rod brands of plate boats offering a full range of models from open to cabin hardtops, sizes from 4.

The business acknowledges that the Formosa Marlin graphic has become symbolic with their branding, readily recognizable on the water and much sought-after. The new graphics will feature the iconic Formosa Marlin and a 20th Anniversary sticker, plus an increase in size of the. From humble beginnings, Formosa Marine now sees itself as one of the mainstay brands of the Australian recreational boating market with an Australia-wide distribution network.

The Barra graphic is still available on request. If you order the famous Formosa Marine designed and built bait board and bait tank with your Formosa boat, you will receive a free Railblaza StowPod with a removable QuickPort fastener. The Railblaza StowPod is UV-resistant, has a drink holder partition and holds all your personal items at. Check out their website at www. Contact your local Formosa Marine dealer for a price list. Discover more online at www. Get set to fly because the Costa BREAM Series spreads its wings in , with five states and nine qualifying rounds waiting for anglers in the new tournament season.

Four Qualifying Rounds and a Grand Final await anglers in the new tournament season, with two new venues slated for the series. It all kicks off at the end of February on. To qualify for the Grand. Rapala headlines the BASS Pro Series in , with the new tournament season delivering a host of challenges and rewards for new and returning anglers.

North Queensland. Kinchant, Teemburra, and Peter Faust dams host the four-event tour, and if the biggest fish. All events of course lead to the biggest event of the year, the Australian Championship, and in Michael is new on the BASS Electric scene, but already has a few podium finishes to his name, and is. As yet, very little, if anything, is written about the lure fishing opportunities in this dam, and anyone who does catch fish keeps the info close to their chest. I gave Michael a week to do some research and prepare a plan for our day on Wyaralong.

The aim was for Michael to treat the day like a tournament and put a limit of bass together � it was going to be interesting. The guys were met with unseasonably cool weather for this November day with intermittent rain, so spray jackets came on and off all morning. We noticed another rig being set up in the car park, and neither of us were surprised to see the figure of Bass Electric veteran Adrian Wilson step out of the car. Adrian has been putting some time into this lake, and assured us there were some chunky bass in residence, we just had to find them!

We decided to fish this area thoroughly, but. At am, we ran into Adrian along a steep bank, with a mixture of drowned timber and rock dotting the waterline. Michael and I were throwing a spinnerbait and football jig respectively. Adrian said he already had a full livewell between him and his partner for the day, and tipped us off that the fish were sitting off the edge a little bit and relating.

All the bass caught on the day were relating to the drowned timber scattered throughout the lake. This made extracting them something of a challenge.

It was then that the fish started to trickle in� am While hopping and rolling an Ecogear ZX40 blade in colour just below the thermocline in around 25ft of water, Michael hooked up. His drag was screaming in noisy protest, but when a beige mud marlin broke the surface, we were both a little disappointed. As Wyaralong is dammed on a tributary of. We were aware of this coming into the day, but clearly they were more numerous and aggressive than either of us had predicted.

Catching fish is always a good way to ease the tension. The carp of around 50cm was. We were still in about 25ft of water when Michael hooked up again. It was the biggest spangled perch either To page 6. Tournament Angler Guide away to around 80ft, was only about 50m away. I suddenly found myself turning around when I heard. After a few runs for cover and some fancy rod work from Michael, we had our first bass for the day in the net.

Finally, the monkey had let go! At exactly 40cm to the tip of the tail, this was considered a good one in here according to Adrian, who was still. This little Mary River cod was without doubt the highlight of the day. It was taken on a scent-laden ZX40 blade hopped amongst a bass school, no less! Surely we were getting closer� At am, we came to a timbered point, which protruded out into the riverbed.

Bass are wellknown to hang around points with deep water nearby. It was 16ft where we were, and the riverbed, which dropped. With a few flicks of the wrist, Michael managed to rip it away from its snaggy doom, but as the blade came free of the timber, the rod buckled right back over � fish on! This fish was incredibly deep-bodied, and had clearly been eating well.

We were stoked, and after a few photos, put our first customer into the livewell! Hooking this fish so close to timber was an important piece of information to note. As we got ourselves reorganised, we noticed a few. We were now sitting in very close to the timber line. We both switched to blades and began harassing these fish by vertically jigging them in the sounder beam. At am, Michael decided to give his blade a bath in some Ecogear Egi Max scent.

He assured me that this product had turned many of his slower days around. As he sent his blade back to the bottom, the hits started up again as the. The surging runs had us calling this fish for another carp, but when I caught a glimpse of the animal under the boat, I saw it had a rounded tail.

The high-five that I then I shared with Michael hurt my hand for minutes after the capture! We knew that Mary River cod had been stocked into this lake, and the stocking group had made an effort to stock more cod than usual into Wyaralong in the hope of creating a viable fishery for them.

That said, having personally only ever seen two. With a Used Sun Tracker Boat For Sale few photos, the fish was lowered back into the water, where it powered back to the deep, giving Michael a late shower in the process.

These fish never go quietly. We speculated that with good stocking of these cod, in a few years this may be an area where anglers can set out to target these majestic mottled gluttons� but then it was back to the task at hand. At am, while fishing the same school of fish with a ZX40 blade, I managed to connect to another one of the 30cm spangaloid monsters � the dam was proving to be full of surprises. After that, we decided to leave those fish and return later, opting to head toward some isolated timber in the distance that we saw Adrian pull a fish off around half an hour earlier.

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