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The Leopard 42 is the organic evolution into the new generation of our award-winning line of yachts. This was accomplished all while maintaining our signature balance of comfort and uncompromised performance. The exterior styling has adapted to the modern appearance of the award-winning Leopard 50, which features continuous hull side windows, a continuous hardtop, and what has quickly become our signature, an upper-lounge area. The interior design has build and price boat canada quizlet the styling that was developed for the award-winning Leopard 53 Powercat.

With modern contrasts, indirect lighting, and classy finishes, the Leopard 42 brings more luxury and elegance to the Leopard sailboat range. All bunks are now island berths that allow access from both sides. With windows everywhere space permitted, the natural light is amplified.

All heads include their buil designated shower area; a feature not currently found on catamarans in this size range. In the saloon, we build and price boat canada quizlet added a generous skylight, build and price boat canada quizlet well and an additional window in the aft starboard corner facing the helm seat.

The forward-facing L-shaped galley is sure to entice any chef! The Leopard 42 has the unmistakable DNA of a Leopard Catamaran with plenty of new technology and building techniques used to make it a magnificent ocean-going yacht with a feel of space, comfort and performance only previously found in build and price boat canada quizlet larger models.

Awarded Boat of the Year honors in and founded upon the ethos of nuild innovation and feedback from cruising clients, the Leopard 45 sailing catamaran represents astute value, elegant lines and satisfies blue water passion. Since the launch of the Leopard 45 inthe exterior styling has evolved and we are excited to announce that build and price boat canada quizlet are now offering the innovative hardtop lounge on the Leopard This lounge feature first launched on the award-winning Leopard 50 and like her big sister, quizle lounge on the Leopard 45 includes a seating area, a sunbed, and a table.

Access to the lounge is provided by floating stairs leading up from the aft cockpit, without disrupting the helm station. The helm station remains well protected, and integrated into the cockpit and the rest of the boat.

Available in a 3 or 4 cabin layout, the Leopard 45 offers the perfect entertainment package with increased aft area with new layout, ergonomically designed open plan saloon and galley, larger forward cockpit, and more onboard area. She incorporates a heritage of Leopards spanning twenty five years of production expertise. In summary, the Leopard 45 Sailing Catamaran delivers uncompromised, exceptional build quality throughout, new, sleek styling, a sensible and practical layout, sailing comfort across all sea states, and features innovative technologies and multiple entertainment areas.

With versatility in mind, we bring to you the next generation of Leopard Catamarans, the Leopard She has been designed to replace one of the best-selling Leopard Catamarans of all time, the award-winning Leopard The Leopard 50 has the ideal layout for anyone looking for more outdoor living space as she comes equipped with a flybridge that includes a lounge area, table, sunbed and optional exterior speakers and shade awning.

Access is provided by floating stairs leading up from the aft cockpit. An important distinction compared to similar sailboat flybridge configurations is that while under sail, passengers can move about the flybridge with ample headroom and never worry about interference from the build and price boat canada quizlet. The flybridge is also situated to still maintain contact with the helm station, an important feature found on all Leopard Catamarans.

The entire exterior styling of the Leopard 50 has also been revamped to give the hull a more sophisticated look.

In addition to the exterior options, the interior offers multiple layout configuration with quizlef or 5 cabins, and an extensive options list. The 4th Generation of Leopard PowercatSucceeding the most popular powercat of all time Leopard 51 Powercatthis Leopard 53 Powercat ajd in the 4th generation with a yacht that features all the attributes that made her predecessor successful, while reimagining what a powercat should be.

With the space, stability, and efficiency expected of a catamaran combined with the comfort and luxury of a motor yacht, she is crafted with style without compromising on performance. The Best of Both WorldsThe Leopard 53 Powercat offers a modern interior with the comforts of home as well as plenty of outdoor entertaining space. Offered in a three or four cabin layout, with the option for separate crew cabins. The saloon offers large, panoramic windows, an L-shaped lounge to port and a 2-person settee to starboard with an option to add an interior navigation station.

The flow is seamless with access to foredeck through the forward saloon door. The flybridge provides a well-thought-out helm station with great visibility. Spacious seating and a large table allow for a great place to entertain family and friends and enjoy a meal with spectacular views.

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Vice-Admiral Reinhard Scheer , Commander in Chief of the High Seas Fleet , pressed for all-out U-boat war, convinced that a high rate of shipping losses would force Britain to seek an early peace before the United States could react effectively.

The renewed German campaign was effective, sinking 1. Despite this, the political situation demanded even greater pressure, and on 31 January , Germany announced that its U-boats would engage in unrestricted submarine warfare beginning 1 February. On 17 March, German submarines sank three American merchant vessels, and the U.

Unrestricted submarine warfare in early was initially very successful, sinking a major part of Britain-bound shipping. With the introduction of escorted convoys, shipping losses declined and in the end the German strategy failed to destroy sufficient Allied shipping.

An armistice became effective on 11 November Of the surviving German submarines 14 U-boats were scuttled and surrendered. Of the German submarines that had been built, were lost by enemy action. Of these 40 were sunk by mines, 30 by depth charges and 13 by Q-ships. They sank 10 battleships, 18 cruisers and several smaller naval vessels.

They further destroyed 5, merchant and fishing vessels for a total of 11,, tons and the loss of about 15, sailors. Under the terms of armistice, all U-boats were to immediately surrender.

Those in home waters sailed to the British submarine base at Harwich. The entire process was done quickly and in the main without difficulty, after which the vessels were studied, then scrapped or given to Allied navies.

Stephen King-Hall wrote a detailed eyewitness account of the surrender. The treaty also restricted the independent tonnage of ships and forbade the construction of submarines. However, a submarine design office was set up in the Netherlands and a torpedo research program was started in Sweden.

Before the start of World War II, Germany started building U-boats and training crews, labeling these activities as "research" or concealing them using other covers. During World War II , U-boat warfare was the major component of the Battle of the Atlantic , which began in and ended with Germany's surrender in The Armistice of 11 November ending World War I had scuttled most of the old Imperial German Navy and the subsequent Treaty of Versailles of limited the surface navy of Germany's new Weimar Republic to only six battleships of less than 10, tons each , six cruisers , and 12 destroyers.

In the early stages of the war the U-boats were extremely effective in destroying Allied shipping due to the large gap in mid-Atlantic air cover. Cross-Atlantic trade in war supplies and food was extensive and critical for Britain's survival. The continuous action surrounding British shipping became known as the Battle of the Atlantic , as the British developed technical defences such as ASDIC and radar , and the German U-boats responded by hunting in what were called " wolfpacks " where multiple submarines would stay close together, making it easier for them to sink a specific target.

Britain's vulnerable shipping situation existed until , when the tides changed as the U. The combination of increased tonnage and increased naval protection of shipping convoys made it much more difficult for U-boats to make a significant dent in British shipping. Once the United States entered the war, U-boats ranged from the Atlantic coast of the United States and Canada to the Gulf of Mexico , and from the Arctic to the west and southern African coasts and even as far east as Penang.

Because speed and range were severely limited underwater while running on battery power, U-boats were required to spend most of their time surfaced running on diesel engines, diving only when attacked or for rare daytime torpedo strikes.

The more ship-like hull design reflects the fact that these were primarily surface vessels that could submerge when necessary. This contrasts with the cylindrical profile of modern nuclear submarines , which are more hydrodynamic underwater where they spend the majority of their time , but less stable on the surface. While U-boats were faster on the surface than submerged, the opposite is generally true of modern submarines.

The most common U-boat attack during the early years of the war was conducted on the surface and at night. The U-boats' main weapon was the torpedo , though mines and deck guns while surfaced were also used. By the end of the war, almost 3, Allied ships warships; 2, merchant ships were sunk by U-boat torpedoes. They were fitted with one of two types of pistol triggers � impact, which detonated the warhead upon contact with a solid object, and magnetic , which detonated upon sensing a change in the magnetic field within a few meters.

One of the most effective uses of magnetic pistols would be to set the torpedo's depth to just beneath the keel of the target. The explosion under the target's keel would create a detonation shock wave , which could cause a ship's hull to rupture under the concussive water pressure.

In this way, even large or heavily armored ships could be sunk or disabled with a single, well-placed hit. Initially, the depth-keeping equipment and magnetic and contact exploders were notoriously unreliable. During the first eight months of the war torpedoes often ran at an improper depth, detonated prematurely, or failed to explode altogether�sometimes bouncing harmlessly off the hull of the target ship. The faults were largely due to a lack of testing.

The magnetic detonator was sensitive to mechanical oscillations during the torpedo run, and to fluctuations in the Earth's magnetic field at high latitudes. These early magnetic detonators were eventually phased out, and the depth-keeping problem was solved by early with improved technology.

It was primarily designed to combat convoy escorts. The acoustic torpedo was designed to run straight to an arming distance of m and then turn toward the loudest noise detected. This sometimes ended up being the U-boat; at least two submarines may have been sunk by their own homing torpedoes. The Germans, in turn, countered this by introducing newer and upgraded versions of the acoustic torpedoes, like the late-war G7es , and the T However, the T11 did not see active service.

U-boats also adopted several types of "pattern-running" torpedoes that ran straight out to a preset distance, then traveled in either a circular or ladder-like pattern. When fired at a convoy, this increased the probability of a hit if the weapon missed its primary target. Most notable is the Type VII, known as the "workhorse" of the fleet, which was by far the most-produced type, and the Type IX boats, an enlarged VII designed for long-range patrols, some traveling as far as Japan and the east coast of the United States.

With the increasing sophistication of Allied detection and subsequent losses, German designers began to fully realise the potential for a truly submerged boat. The Type XXI " Elektroboot " was designed to favor submerged performance, both for combat effectiveness and survival. It was the first true submersible. The Type XXI featured an evolutionary design that combined several different strands of the U-boat development program, most notably from the Walter U-boats, the Type XVII , which featured an unsuccessful yet revolutionary hydrogen peroxide air-independent propellant system.

These boats featured a streamlined hull design, which formed the basis of the later USS Nautilus nuclear submarine, and was adapted for use with more conventional propulsion systems. The larger hull design allowed for a greatly increased battery capacity, which enabled the XXI to cruise submerged for longer periods and reach unprecedented submerged speeds for the time.

Waste disposal was a problem when the U-boats spent extended periods without surfacing, as it is today. Throughout the war, an arms race evolved between the Allies and the Kriegsmarine , especially in detection and counterdetection.

You may have just purchased your brand new Bennington pontoon boat, and are hoping to take advantage of nice weather while it still lasts and do some relaxing pontoon boating. Thousands of inland lakes and waterways across the U. If you haven't been boating for quite some time, or are a novice out on the waters, you will notice rather quickly that there are most likely a good number of lake markers and navigation buoys.

They're placed here and there along the way to assist boaters in their travels. The navigation buoys and lake markers assist watercraft operators by directing traffic, marking channels, regulating speed and denoting unsafe areas. In the form of buoys, lights, and signs, in water or on shore, boaters should familiarize themselves with these to aid them in navigation while keeping their journey legal and safe.

These are all-red buoys also known as Nuns and all-green buoys also known as Cans. These are companion buoys that indicate the boating channel is between them. When facing upstream, or coming from the open sea, the red buoys are located on the right starboard side of the channel; the green buoys will be on the left port side of the channel.

If in doubt about your general location, it is recommended you use the 3-Rs approach: Red, Right, Return. By browsing this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies in accordance with our Privacy Policy. Find out more on cookies and how to manage your settings on our Cookie Policy. Open menu Delete Configure Share Send to dealer. As customized. Delete custom build? Yes No. Copy page link. Select a Model.

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