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How do you even go about doing this? To make your own DIY pontoon boat, you can either buy a kit that comes with most of the materials or procure these materials yourself.

In this in-depth guide, we will tell you everything you need to know about making your own custom pontoon boat. This comes with everything you need to make your very own pontoon boat, including the instructions at least, most of the time. Here are some kits you might consider if you want to go this route. The pontoon boat kit from U-Fab Boats is ideal if you want to make a full-sized vessel. The company says you can use the kit to create houseboats, tour boats, utility boats, work boats, or party boats like a pontoon.

U-Fab Boats uses journeymen welders for the construction of each pontoon boat kit. Designed at different price points, you get a boat that can fit up to two people. You and another buddy can then party under the sun or even spend a chill afternoon fishing.

You also get all the materials for deck-building as well as bolting hardware and four aluminum pontoons. Your next option is American Pontoon Co. They sell a range of kits, including for deck boats, house boats, work platforms, tour boats, pleasure crafts, and pontoons. All kits get built in American Pontoon Co. You can even request a tour to see how it gets done. For some of the boats, you can even get a third tube included with your order, making the boat you build a tritoon.

They have kits for electricity-powered pontoons, transport platforms, work boats, houseboats, and recreational pontoons. You can even request pontoon tubes from them. Okay, so you went ahead and ordered your DIY pontoon boat kit.

It takes a while, but one day, it finally arrives on your doorstep. Do keep in mind that, while kits are very helpful, the assembly is all on you. Only some of the companies we covered above offer partially finished boat kits. Even those require some installation. We recommend following the instructions that came with your kit. You can also make a pontoon boat following this method without having ordered a kit.

Those who are building their boat from literal scratch will have to design their boat from scratch as well. Remember, you have to lug this boat into and out of the water each time you want to use it. If doing that becomes too much of a pain, then your boat will sit and collect dust. All this time, effort, and money would have been for naught.

Another consideration for size: you need to make sure your pontoon boat fits in a commercially available trailer. Now you have to pick a place to get building. More than likely, you cannot build a pontoon in your garage unless this space is very big. Your backyard might suffice, but you do want to keep the homemade pontoon boat safeguarded from the elements. You would hate for parts to rust out before you even get the pontoon boat assembled.

We recommend starting with a scrapyard if you need your own pontoon tubes. There, you could potentially find plastic drums or PVC water pipes. In some rare instances, you might even come upon military drop tanks. The aerodynamic qualities, strong honeycombed baffling, and anti-rust design makes drop tanks a pretty phenomenal choice for pontoon tubes if you can get your hands on them.

One plus to making your own DIY pontoon boat from the ground up is you can decide if you want your boat to have Build A Pontoon Boat With Barrels Using two pontoon tubes or even three. With the pontoon tubes selected, you need to keep finding materials for the rest of your boat. Next, you want to focus on the pontoon frames. PVC water pipe not only has buoyancy, but this material is readily available and fairly inexpensive as well. They should be parallel to one another.

Also, each tube should have a diameter of 12 inches. For a budget option, take some wood, whittle it down to a plug shape, and then attach it in the pipes with screws and epoxy. Again, make sure you treat the wood. Next, you want to take the pine boards, which should be two-by-fours that are about eight feet. Then, place them lengthwise along the pipe.

These will become your joists. This is now your support band. Do this for the other sides of the framework as well. Get a drill with a coarse thread hex-head screw. Make sure the screw is two and a half inches long at least. Use the drill to connect a two-by-four block between every joist. Attach two screws for each block. The galvanized strap provides bracing to your DIY pontoon boat. You want gauge galvanized steel for this job. Then, screw the strap in at a diagonal for each corner.

Use tech screws or hot-dipped galvanized nails. Your drill could come in handy for this. Check your deck corners after installing the first galvanized strap, particularly the one opposite the corner with the strap. Then add straps to the other corners. You want either marine-grade plywood or treated lumber, especially 1X4 or 1X6 wood. This plays into the displacement of the PVC pipes, which is roughly 1, pounds.

The above wood could add pounds before you consider how much your pontoon tubes weigh. That would push everything to around pounds, so a simple, light deck works best here. Whether you followed these instructions or those provided with a DIY kit, your pontoon boat is now complete.

Test it for safety and then try it out on the water. Enjoy your boat! Perhaps none of the ideas or plans here have really jumped out at you yet. Take a look! If you want to make an incredibly basic but inexpensive and functional PVC pontoon boat, make sure you check out this YouTube video here from Ray Makes. This combination vessel from Frugal Grasshopper.

Try making it yourself! A new pontoon boat is quite a costly venture, and sometimes you only shave a few thousand dollars off the cost of one by going used. You can still have a fully functional pontoon boat without all the extra costs by making your own.

You may rely on the guidance of a DIY kit or even scavenge for parts and follow your own blueprint. By using seaworthy materials, you can ensure you have a safe, awesome homemade pontoon boat you will enjoy for years to come. Your U-Fab Boats kit include the following: Extruded hat bar cross-members between two and six inches tall Extruded I-beam or C-channel cross-members if you want them Side keel and bottom panels, which come designed for the length of the boat Heavy-duty skid plates for the bottom and side keels also optional Small pontoon, raft, and dock wall thickness of.

Pond King, Inc. It has marine-grade carpet made of premium materials in gray. You also get plywood decking with pressure treatment and a two-by-four wooden frame. The welded aluminum pontoons, four total American Pontoon Co. You may select from kits to make boats with the following measurements: A beam of 8.

Step 4: Pick Your Pontoon Frame Material With the pontoon tubes selected, you need to keep finding materials for the rest of your boat. Step 8: Set up Your Deck Cool! Step 9: Add Other Features From a Bimini top to an engine or other must-haves, you will want to install these now.

More Homemade Pontoon Boat Plans Perhaps none of the ideas or plans here have really jumped out at you yet. Conclusion A new pontoon boat is quite a costly venture, and sometimes you only shave a few thousand dollars off the cost of one by going used.


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