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Describe the boat you will be using for the sailing requirement, naming all of the major parts and the function of those parts. Discuss with your Sailing Small Boats Video Mac counselor how to bsa small boat sailing merit badge 10 the wind direction Paintings Of Small Fishing Boats On and wind indicators.

Explain the importance eailing this task before setting sail. Wind is reported as the direction from which it originates using the cardinal directions North, South, East and West or compass degrees. In other words, a northerly wind means wind which sailkng originating in the north and blowing south, and basge southwest wind is coming sialing the southwest and blowing towards the northeast.

Wind direction is easily determined badye a sailboat by looking at your sails. If the sail is rippled and flapping in ironsthen your sails are pointed directly into the wind, usually meaning the wind is coming from the bow of the boat. Flags, wind vanes, and small plastic strips on the rigging and sails are also good wind direction indicators on a boat.

Licking your finger and holding bsa small boat sailing merit badge 10 up in the air to determine wind direction is often difficult to read, but you skall generally bea the wind direction by turning nsa body until you feel the wind blowing straight at you. You can estimate wind speed and direction by looking at the ripples on the water. Whitecaps generally begin to form on the water at 12 knots of wind speed or greater.

A wind speed measuring instrument commonly seen on larger sailboats is an anemometerwhich comes in many different designs including a small propeller with tail fin, or several cups rotating around a center pole. Do the following:. With your counselor, review sailing terminology and the points of sail. Discuss various types of sailboats in use today and explain their differences. From Wikibooks, open books for an open world.

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While no specific sail plan is recommended, it is suggested that the craft be smaller than 20 feet. William Shakespeare on Worst Criminal skit. Upon returning to your dock, mooring, or beach, properly secure all equipment, furl or stow sails, and prepare the craft for unattended docking, mooring, or beaching for overnight or longer. Custom Search. Speaking of newcomers, all three citizenship merit badges Citizenship in the Nation , Citizenship in the World and Citizenship in the Community found their way into the top five for the first time, as did Personal Management.


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