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London -- Sailors in the South Pacific were surprised this month to find themselves sailing through a sea of stone. As they approached the field, they good books publishing zhang seeing floating rocks, some as large as tennis balls. The waves were knocked back to almost calm and the boat was slowed to 1 knot [just over 1 mph]. The rubble slick went as far as we could see in the moonlight. We have been contacted by a couple boat sailing through pumice email Earth Science and Geology Professors from a couple of universities who study Volcanic and Pumice events looking for more details, photos and samples of the Pumice ROAM collected the other night," Michael Hoult write.

Worried about rock damage to their boat, the couple quickly charted good Boat Sailing Through Pumice For books publishing zhang course out of the pumice field.

The boat suffered some minor damage but the Hoults said it could have been a lot worse. It's literally been exfoliated! Pumice stone is a highly porous, lightweight good books publishing zhang rock, which is why it was able to float to the good books publishing zhang of the ocean.

An underwater volcano off the coast of Tonga is thought to have erupted around Aug. Another couple, also on a yacht in the area, described the sensation of sailing through the patch of rock in an interview with the BBC. Pumice rafts also act as a mechanism to bring new species to the world's reefs, according to marine scientists. Shows Good Morning America. World News Tonight. This Week. The View. What Would You Do?

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