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The most complete online directory and point of contact for Sailing Clubs worldwide.� Marina / Boat Yards. Boating & Sailing app types. There are many boating apps available out there, all with varying functionality. However, among the hundreds of apps on the market, you probably need only one or two, depending on your needs. Below, we are going to overview boating app types that you must have on your smartphone, as well as a couple of optional app types that could make your life more convenient. Navigation apps. The kind of app that any boater is going to benefit from are navigation apps. Whether you boat just for fun or to fish, a navigation boating app can make your life easier. As suggested. Sailing Club is included with your Sailor app Club/Class subscription. Allows simple electronic Sign-Off.� Sailing Club app has been updated to allow Clubs to use this tablet app for both Sign On and Sign Off.

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