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Feb 09, �� But as to the OP's question, the length of the excursion, how well the guide managed the tour and answered questions, assisted during the activity, private or public tour, etc. all factor into how much to tip. Generally $10 pp for a full 6 hr tour, less for shorter. A . That said, If I plan to tip well--say $I tip when the boat goes into the water, saying something like "I know we are both going to have Boat Excursion Tipping Officer some fun, so I'm tipping in advance." And everyone is happy from the start and we both don't have to worry about the issue again. Sep 06, �� Do I have to tip on a Cruise Excursion? Tipping is completely up to you. Most excursions will put out a bucket/jar at the end of the trip for guests to leave a gratuity. Are there kids rates for Cruise Excursions? Most cruise lines offer a kids rate based on age. It may depend on the type of excursion and time of year.

I am not saying a tip is mandatory, but it is an easy way to acknowledge a job well. After your trip, leave an online review. They stagger the excursion meeting times to make sure there is not a mad rush of people trying to tippijg onto their excursions. And, I've learned a good deal from them even though I have flyfished for 35 years. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Often you can go through your charter broker to wire gratuity to the captain.

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