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25 Very important Boat and Stream objective questions for SSC exams. Download SSC CGL Boat and Stream Questions PDF. SSC CGL Mocks � Just Rs. � Speed of boat = 13 km/hr and speed of stream = 4 km/hr When going in opposite direction i.e. upstream, relative speed = = 9 km/hr => Time taken to go 63 km upstream = $\frac{distance}{speed}$ = $\frac{63}{9}$ = 7 hours. 24) Answer (A). Distance(D) is given as 1 km Let the speed of boat and river be B km/hr and R km/hr in case of upstream, the speed of boat = (B-R) km/hr in case of downstream, the speed of boat = (B+R) km/hr in upstream it takes 10 minutes to move 1 km and takes 4 minutes in downstream for. A boat goes 8 km in one hour along the stream and 2 km in one hour against the stream. The speed in km/hr of the stream is ?? ??? ???? ?? ???? ?? ???? ??? ?? ???? ??? 8 ???? ?? ???? ?? ?????? ???? ??? ?? ???? ??? 2 ???? ???? ??? ???? ?? ??? ???? / ???? ??? ????? ??? (a) 2 (b) 3 (c) 4 (d) 5. Q2. In one hour, a boat goes 11 km along the stream and 5 km against the stream. The speed of the boat in still water (in km/hr) is ?? ???? ???, ?? ??? ???? ?? ???? ?? ???? ?? ??? 11 ???? ?? ???? ?? ?????? ???? ??? 5 ???? ???? ??? ????? ???? ??? ??? ?? ??? (???? / ???? ???) ????? ????? (a) 3 (b) 5 (c) 8 (d) � Best Books For SSC CGL, CPO, GD Constable Exam Check latest updates of SSC CGL Posted byAmit Pundir. March 11, Ssc cgl. Ssc Chsl.� Here we are creating question sample in Boats and Stream, which is common for IBPS, SBI, RBI, IPPB, SSC, LIC and other competitive exams. We have included Some Boat And Stream Questions For Ssc Cgl Data questions that are repeatedly asked in bank exams!! The speed of a Boat in standing water is 10km/hr. It traveled Down Stream from point A to B in certain time. After reaching B the Boat is powered by Engine then Boat started to return from Point B to A. The time taken for Forward journey and Backward journey are same. Then what is the speed of the stream? 1. 2 Km/hr 2. 3 Km/hr 3. 4 Km/hr 4. 5 Km/hr 5. Cannot be determined. Answer &.

Before learning the concepts of the exam one must be aware of the terms that are used in the questions. When the boat moves against the current of the river i.

It is known as upstream speed. Remember it with UP as going up the hill means against the direction of the force speed of the river. When the boat moves with the current of the river i. It is known as downstream speed. Remember it with DOWN as going down the hill means towards the direction of the force speed of the river. Type 1 : When the distance covered by boat in downstream is same as the distance covered by boat upstream.

The speed of boat in still water is x and speed of stream is y then ratio of time taken in going upstream and downstream is,. It takes him twice as long as to row up as to row down. Find the rate of the stream of the river. A man can row certain distance downstream in 2 hours and returns the same distance upstream in 6 hours. If the speed of stream is 1. Find the distance between two places? A professional swimmer challenged himself to cross a small river and back. If it took him 15 mins more to cover the distance upstream than downstream, then find the width of the river?

Find the average speed of a boat in a round trip between two places 18 km apart. Attempt subject wise questions in our new practise section' Click here. Download Gradeup , the best government exam app for Preparation. Umesh Kumar Jan 22, Shruti Kulkarni Jun 19, Saurabh Ghanghoriya Aug 11, Saumya Sen Aug 13, Devendra Singh Aug 13, Nirmal Rai Dec 28, Prashant Kumar Yadav Jan 1, Kaptan Jan 6, Janardan Jan 28, Parnab Mallick Read in Hindi.

Share via. Example Find the average speed of a boat in a round trip between two places 18 km apart. Share this article. Member since Aug Shruti Kulkarni Jun 19, Report. Very important topic but is explained in nice way. Saurabh Ghanghoriya Aug 11, Report.

Thanx ma'am. Saumya Sen Aug 13, Report. Devendra Singh Aug 13, Report. Mam weekly or monthly kaun see current tyar kre grade up ki kyoki for ssc nd ntpc plz suggest. Nirmal Rai Dec 28, Report. Where can we download the pdf of this topic covered. Prashant Kumar Yadav Jan 1, Report. Please in hindi. Kaptan Jan 6, Report. Janardan Jan 28, Report. Related Posts. GradeStack Learning Pvt.

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