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Boats and Streams - Aptitude Test Tricks, Formulas & Shortcuts Dec 27, �� Solution: From the data, upstream speed= (40/4)= 10 km/hr. And, downstream speed= (40/2)= 20 km/hr. So, the speed of the boat= ? (10 + 20)= 15 km/hr. It is always suggested to practice a wide range of questions from this topic to be able to confidently tackle different variations of questions in the CAT myboat059 boatplansted Reading Time: 3 mins. Speed of a boat in still water =speed of the boat in upstream + speed of the stream. speed of the boat in still water =(60/7)+3=81/3 km/hr. Boats and Streams exercise with solutions. Question(2) A boat travel A to B at speed of 30 km/hr and B to A at speed of 20 km/hr if distance is same then find the average speed of boat. Solution(2): Average speed = 2xy/(x+y) Now average speed of boat. As questions are based on previous year papers, there are chances that candidates will find many questions from the Boats & Streams Questions PDF in all competitive Exams. If you check the last year�s papers of SSC CGL any other competitive exams, you will find that many questions from Boats & Streams are myboat059 boatplansted Reading Time: 1 min.

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Sum of the areas of two squares is cm 2. If the difference of their perimeters is 16 cm, find the sides of the two squares. The diagonal of a rectangular field is 16 metres more than the shorter side. If the longer side is 14 metres more than the shorter side, then find the lengths of the sides of the field. The sum of three numbers in A. The perimeter of a right triangle is 60 cm. Its hypotenuse is 25 cm.

Find the area of the triangle. The numerator of a fraction is 3 less than its denominator. Find the fraction. According to the Question,. Find the original fraction. Let the denominator and numerator of the fraction be x and x � 3 respectively. A rectangular park is to be designed whose breadth is 3 m less than its length. Its area is to be 4 square metres more than the area of a park that has already been made in the shape of an isosceles triangle with its base as the breadth of the rectangular park and of altitude 12 m.

Find the length and breadth of the rectangular park. A train travels km at a uniform speed. Find the speed of the train. Question 7. Solution: Since both the lines coincide.

Therefore infinitely many solutions. Question 8. Represent the following pair of equations graphically and write the coordinates of points where the lines intersect y-axis.

Solution: By plotting the points and joining them, the lines intersect at A 6, 0. Question 9. Question Find the two numbers whose sum is 75 and difference is Find their incomes. The sum of the digits of a two digit number is 8 and the difference between the number and that formed by reversing the digits is Find the number.

The age of the father is twice the sum of the ages of his 2 children. After 20 years, his age will be equal to the sum of the ages of his children. Find the age of the father. A two digit number is seven times the sum of its digits.

The number formed by reversing the digits is 18 less than the given number. Prashant Kumar Yadav Jan 1, Kaptan Jan 6, Janardan Jan 28, Parnab Mallick Read in Hindi. Share via. Example Find the average speed of a boat in a round trip between two places 18 km apart.

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