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Short trick: d = [t * (Speed to go downstream) * (Speed to go upstream)]/ [2 * Speed of boat or man in still water] 4) A man can row in still water at b km/h. In a stream flowing at s km/h, if it takes t hours more in upstream than to go downstream for the same distance, then the distance d is given by. Dec 21, �� Boats & Streams SSC BANK pdf (chsl-clerk-po exem)-: Dear readers, We provide you Boats & Streams SSC BANK pdf Boats And Streams Problems For Sbi Po Go (chsl-clerk-po exem) you all know that speed in calculation sets the complete base for Quantitative Aptitude section (Boats & Streams SSC BANK pdf (chsl-clerk-po exem)) of various competitive exams and if you know enough Short Tricks in. Jan 12, �� Boats and Streams Formula pages has all the conceptual Formulas for Boats and Streams. Speed downstream = (u + v) km/hr Speed upstream = (u � v) km/hr.
Today I am going to share a video for maths important topic boat and stream problems tricks. This video is very important for all bank,ssc exams like bank. MATHS GYAN-BOATS AND STREAMS(FOR SSC,BANK,RRB,AFCAT,CDS AND OTHER EXAMS) THIS video is all about the important quest of time and distance which has been asked previously in the various myboat108 boatplans ques are solved with tricks and basic myboat108 boatplans with this video we will try to cover all the topics according to different exams. In most Boats and Streams questions, we deal with speed and velocity, but most candidates find it easier to work with speed only, and that is fine for Government and bank exams. How do I solve boats and streams questions easily? Ans. Read the question carefully and use the Boats and Streams formula for bank exams as per the data given. Do I have to be good at maths to solve boats and streams questions? Ans. It is not necessary to be good at maths for Boats and Streams questions that appear in the exams, which are more concept-based. You should just have your basic computation skills right. Pos.


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