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As a freshman senator inJoe Biden joined Sen. Robert Byrd D. President Gerald Ford proposed a Vietnam refugee relief program that would settle thousands of Vietnamese and Cambodian families fihsing the United States. The boat and fishing 2020 election was met with resistance from a Democratic majority in Congress.

Byrd cited fear of admitting "undesirables" such as "barmaids, prostitutes, and criminals" to the country. Biden also took issue with Ford's proposal. During a Foreign Relations Committee hearing with Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, Biden announced his concern with welcoming the refugees, charging that the Senate had boat and fishing 2020 election been informed of the number of refugees that the White House intended to offer safe harbor to.

Many of the refugees escaped communist rule and mass murder in Vietnam and Cambodia on leaky fishing boats. Thousands of these boat people, as they were called, died due to piracy, starvation, and drowning. While the Indochina Refugee and Migration Assistance Act ultimately passed eelection MaySenate efforts to obstruct assistance proved effective.

Biden was one of only 20 senators to abstain from voting when the bill passed the Senate. President Ford told reporters he was "damned mad" about the pushback from Biden and. Ford expressed disappointment with liberal colleagues fishign had voiced support for human rights but obstructed the legislation.

Biden's current campaign platform echoes Ford's sentiments on immigration. His plan calls for "securing our values as a nation of immigrants.

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