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Bass Boat Fan. August 27, �. With retirements going on in sports. Who will be the next big name in Professional Bass Fishing to announce retirement? Bass Boat Fan. August 22, �. Chris Zaldain rods/reels and tackle got stolen at Cayuga.� It comes with a single axle trailer with a fold-away tongue, custom wheels, mounted spare tire, and surge brake. This is a fully loaded tournament rig, features include: Beautiful Red/Black/Silver paint scheme. myboat025 boatplans bass_boat_devil. overview. comments. submitted. gilded. Want to join? Log in or sign up in seconds.|� [�] bass_boat_devil -8 points-7 points-6 points 15 hours ago (0 children). Am I the only one that tried to zoom in on buddy's dick? permalink. save. context. full comments (). report. Our Bass Boat trailer are custom fit to each model of boat, no adjustable bunks to move around or damage your boat.� Aluminum Wheel Upgrade (per Axle). Spare Tire and Mount � Aluminum 14?. GatorHyde (Single/Tandem). F2 Jack and Winch Package. Bass Boat Gallery. Facebook. YouTube. Theme: Dustland Express by Kaira.

Today was the 2nd time I have ever driven a boat. I have done well with everything but loading it back on the trailer. Lining it up and getting it onto the trailer isnt my problem I have tried stoppi g short and winching it up I Bass Boat Trailer Hitch Size Zip tried backing trailer deeper into water and that just made it harder to stay lined up as the boat floated around.

Is this at a super steep boat ramp? You may just need to stop even shorter and crank it up more, or maybe use a little power to get it on and crank the rest. If the hull is on the bunks then the bow should be high enough.

You might have the trailer backed in too deep. You need the bow to be on the bunks and the stern to be able to dip a little. If the trailer is in too deep, the bow never rises enough to make the alignment work. Make a mental note when you launch as to how deep you are when the stern starts to float off the trailer.

This or slightly shallower is the depth you want to be at when loading. Dunk the bunks to wet them and make it easier to slide the boat on and pull back up to the depth you were when launching.

I have a Nitro Z My bow is always a bit low when I load. I have worked out exactly how deep I want my trailer to be and strive Nitro Bass Boat Trailer 500 for that exact depth every time. I drive the boat up to the front roller, stop it and make sure it has settled correctly.

Then with the motor trimmed up a ways I power it into the hauling position on the trailer. Trimming the motor up will lift the bow without much throttle. It is a practice thing until you get it the way you want and get used to loading it. It would be a good thing to take someone with you and go to a ramp that has little use or at a time of little use and practice loading with the trailer at different depths until you find the best one.

To echo the previous post, loading your boat is a skill that requires practice. You've described one issue - there are more that can jump up and bite you if you haven't considered them.

For instance - loading in a cross wind or a tail wind. In my case it seems like most ramps are either tucked away in some cove, where you're dealing with swirling winds or in a place where they are open and exposed to strong cross winds. I knew how it was supposed to work, but at the ramp, I got laughed at a lot. My only advice is to go slow and don't wait til you are half way down the ramp to wonder if you put the plug in. Glenn has a great video on backing a trailer in.

Welcome to the forum. I fished with a fellow that had a 99 Nitro. It was in the 16' to 17' range. I can't remember the exact model with a 90HP motor. He wanted the front of his bunks just barely visible out of the water. He would get the boat on the trailer and I would tell him how far he needed to go to get the bow eye over the roller.

Once he got real close he would have to rev up the motor to get the eye over the roller. I would hook up the winch strap and pull him out. The boat always came out right on the trailer doing it this way. You might check with a dealer to see if they can offer any other ideas. So far everyone has given you good advice. Yours could be too close to the boat. I have small roller guides on my Triton trailer and I always back the trailer down and complete submerge the bunks to wet them and then pull the trailer out right to where I can see the tip of the guides sticking out of the water.

This puts me at the proper depth each time. I always sorta let the boat coast in and align itself up and then like others said I trim the motor up and use the throttle to run the bow up to the roller by the winch. Then I hook my strap and safety chain and crank it up tight and lock it. Hasn't failed me yet.

One thing already mentioned here is dunking the bunks to wet them, then pulling back up the ramp the proper position to load the boat.

I have a video on that below, but pay particular attention the final resting position. It will illustrate what I outlined above. I always back the boat down to launch and load for my buddy.

I have been doing it for years and Bass Boat Trailers For Sale In Texas Mac have it down pretty well. When we load the boat I back the trailer down all the way in the water to make sure the bunks are wet and then I pull it up till the front of the trailer wheel well is barely visible.

It has worked well for us. I had to help a couple guys load their boat this past weekend at the lake who couldn't pull it off. Both appeared to be older than me and they seemed embarrassed but I would never think bad of anyone because it takes practice. It's like golf, not everyone is good and plays fast, but Double Bass Boat Trailer Youtube if you are holding someone up, move and let them go first.

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