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Joined Feb 5, Messages 97 Reaction score 0. I'm looking for a coupler lock for the Nitro trailer. Is UFB the coupler manufacturer? Joined Dec 9, Messages 1, Reaction score 0. You ought to bass boat trailer coupler problem able to find those things at academy or BPS. Goes in where the safety pin. Jim B Well-Known Member. Joined Jan 30, Messages 4, Reaction score 5. Staci Matheis Well-Known Member. Joined Oct 13, Messages 9, Reaction score 0.

I've always used just a plain, old, ordinary Master lock in place of the pin. Joined Mar 19, Messages 7, Reaction score 0. Any lock will. You don't really need the bolt proof kind. Trust bass boat trailer coupler problem, if someone wants your trailer bad enough they'll get it. You can put a lock on the trailer but is your ball mount locked into the truck or just there with a pin?

I have a lock on the pin too, but then they could just take the tongue off the trailer and replace it with their. We had a theft ring from Canada a few Galvanized Bass Boat Trailer Kit years back that came down and took a bunch of bass trailers. Makes it a real B! Bob G. Well-Known Member. I also use a regular lock for the trailer and also lock the drawbar for the hitch so that no one can mess with it at the access parking lot. I would hate to be that guy going down the interstate when everything comes flying off!!

Don't forget to lock the pin for the swing-away tongue, if you have it. If someone takes the pin out, you would not be able tow. Bassyankee get the lock i mentioned. James D. Joined Feb 5, Messages 1, Reaction score 0. Jims right on the coupler. A normal lock won't fit on these type as they do on the normal or more standard type of couplers. I keep a chain on the truck with a lock so that I can chain it up also when i have to leave the trailer.

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Feb 26, �� Bassyankee get the lock i mentioned above. on a ufp style coupler(see pic) the lock hangs down and there is not much clearance between the coupler and the drawbar for a lock. on my old boat i used a regular lock and once had to cut it off with bolt cutters because i bent it so bad when it jammed between the drawbar and the coupler as i backed down a ramp. there was no getting it off . Jun 01, �� Your hitching system is still rated at 2,lb. Conversely, a 2,lb. ball on a 3,lb. maximum trailer weight-rated hitch decreases your maximum towing capacity to 2,lb. The hitch ball diameter: (A) must be the same diameter as the trailer coupler (/8", 2", or /16") because a ball that is undersized will allow the trailer to bounce. Mar 29, �� Mar 29, �� I have seen a few boat trailers with 1 7/8 couplers. The ball size is usually stamped on top. Pony Rear Admiral. Joined Jun 27, Messages 4, Mar 27, I had a similar problem on an old trailer but the coupler was welded on so I opted to buy a new coupler and just swap out the internals. It was a cheap and easy fix. lncoop Vice.

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