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Building Your Boat's Stereo System

Whether you love wakesurfingfreshwater fishing is your game, or sailing across the bay is how you enjoy your time on the water, one thing is bass boat diy upgrades calculator sure: you love your boat. But no boat is perfect, and virtually every great boat could be made even better.

Ready to roll up your calcklator, and get involved in a little DIY boat improvement? Read to Upgrade Your Boat? Explore the Boat Finder. These can be had for a few dozen dollars, are uber-easy to install either via peel-and-stick adhesive, suction cups, or by driving in a couple of screws, and bass boat diy upgrades calculator come in all bass boat diy upgrades calculator of different adjustable mounts and cradles.

Can a fishing boat ever have enough rod holders? We think not! And adding them is very easy as long as you stick with clamp-on rail mounts, or surface-mounts. All you need to add those clamp-ons is a wrench or Upgradee key, and surface mounts generally get held down with three or four screws. Your boat almost certainly already has a few cupholders, and you almost certainly wonder how they all seem to fill up so fast.

Most boaters agree that having more would be a bass boat diy upgrades calculator thing, and there are plenty of inexpensive models out there that can be suction-cupped or peel-and-stick mounted in moments. The problem is easily solved by adding USB charging ports to your boat. Many people think upgrading to a new fish finder is a big, expensive job, and in some cases it is.

But in other cases, not so. Many modern units can be upgraded on the cheap in a matter of minutes with a bass boat diy upgrades calculator update and a new transducer.

Spring for it, and your old fish finder may suddenly have new functions and features galore. Don't have a fish finder? Learn how to use oneand bass boat diy upgrades calculator install one yourself! Most major cooler calcupator offer seat-conversion kits that can be installed in a matter of minutes. Cost will depend on the Diy Bass Boat Mods Usa size and brand of the cooler you use, but all you have to do is screw in the snaps that secure the cushion to the top of the cooler and then snap it in place.

You just gained another spot to sit. Solve the problem by getting a behind-the-cabinet-door trash can, which costs next to nothing and can be mounted with screws or adhesive. Then, whenever you swing the cabinet door open the trash can will be right there waiting for you.

Having an alarm belowdecks will give you some serious peace of mind and expand your safety margin. And the project can be incredibly easy, because there are battery-powered units which can be mounted with peel-and-stick pads. What about cost?

You wish calcluator boat had mood lighting that changed colors at your command? Multicolored LED rope lights that mount with sticky-back foam tape can be placed under the gunwales, around seats, and in cabins. There are bazs larger, more expensive projects you could get involved in, like adding a sub-woofer to the stereo system or mounting a windlass at the bow. But big projects like those command a serious budget and a serious amount of time.

These 10 KISS boat improvement endeavors, on the other hand, can be done on the cheap in a matter of minutes. Choose one or choose them all, and congratulations�your czlculator boat just became better.

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Anglers benefit from extended battery life, maximum power for cranking and improved cycle life for their marine electronics. Simply point the LiveScope transducer down to see directly below the boat, or forward to see around the boat.

Either view provides incredibly sharp, real-time scanning sonar images up to feet down or away from the boat, and the view automatically changes on your compatible Garmin chartplotter screen.

LiveScope is also equipped with an attitude heading reference system AHRS that constantly adjusts sonar beams to compensate for boat motion, so even in rough conditions, anglers will still see a steady sonar image. The Panoptix LiveScope scanning sonar system includes a compact GLS 10 sonar black box with an LVS32 transducer and a simple plug-and-play Garmin Marine Network connector for easy installation and integration with a compatible Garmin chartplotter.

A trolling motor barrel and shaft mounting kit and a transom mounting kit are also included. Users can simply tap the screen to pause and play, or swipe through a playlist to find their favorite song. The Apollo Series is the pinnacle of sound quality; it harnesses the power of Fusion DSP, providing premium audio delivery to all speakers in any environment.

Precisely calculated loudness curves optimized for the human ear ensure excellent audio delivery at every volume level � giving full-range sound whether the volume is turned all the way up or all the way down. Each additional PartyBus enabled stereo gives the option to join Party Mode and play the same perfectly synced audio source through the entire vessel.

Boaters can also opt into Personal Mode and listen from the stereo in their zone of choice without disrupting Party Mode in the other areas of the vessel. A massive leap forward in fish-finding technology, FishReveal allows anglers to quickly and easily discover how fish orient themselves in and around cover and structure, with clearly defined fish arches.

Unlike traditional CHIRP sonar views that provide strong fish targets but lack refined structure detail, or DownScan Imaging that provides photo-like images of bottom and structure details but show fish targets as tiny dots; FishReveal Smart Target Viewing combines the best data from both technologies, eliminating the need for split-screen viewing and interpretation.

The NSO24 evo3 display is powered by a high-performance iMX6 quad-core processor that takes responsiveness to a new level with quicker chart redraws, the fastest updates and instant response to every tap of the touchscreen. Both tools belong in the boat and in your ice fishing shelter. And now, thanks to a new device from Aqua-Vu, anglers can see all perspectives of the underwater world on a single screen.

Coupled with the Multi-Vu XD System, any sonar or TV equipped with an analog video input can be immediately transformed into a clear, colorful underwater viewer. Compatible sonar systems include products from Lowrance, Garmin and Raymarine. Micro Stealth 4. The micro Stealth comes complete with a 4. State of the art viewscreen and camera optics deliver the sharpest, clearest, most colorful underwater image available in an economically priced viewing system.

The magnetic battery charger assures the whole system is IP67 waterproof. Internal Lithium-ion battery powers the micro camera system for up to five hours. The Talon comes in a variety of depth sizes including the new foot version, the deepest shallow-water anchor ever made. The Talon can be activated by anglers anywhere in the boat in five different ways.

The newest way utilizes Bluetooth communication to pair the Talon with Humminbird units on the boat for total boat control on one console.

It has a non-reflective surface to ensure lengths show in photos, made from a long-lasting, UV protected, waterproof material. To frost the cake it has a flip-up nose board for accurate measuring.

In addition to restoring the shine to faded fiberglass, it contains durable polymers to seal and protect the treated surface, as well as UV inhibitors to help prevent fading. Premium Restorer can be applied by hand or with a buffer; it quickly dries to a haze that can be easily wiped off.

Because the formula is not as aggressive as a rubbing compound, it can be used without removing excessive amounts of gelcoat. The two-sided pad is made of micro-bubbled cleaning compounds that can be used dry or slightly moist to remove scuff marks, dirt, grime and stains from vinyl and fiberglass surfaces without scratching.

The center spine allows maximum cleaning power and longer life. The Magic Sponge is also great for use around the shop, home and RVs on countertops, appliances, baseboards, walls, showers, tubs and tiles. Put its outboard in gear, and the bow only goes higher and the stern lower. He said that attitude must be considered when mounting an external transducer to ensure it reads true. Start with your boat in the water and the outboard in gear.

Then with a digital level or smartphone app, capture its attitude, using its deck as the Diy Bass Boat Carpet 5g plane. Back in your garage or driveway, Palmer said recreate that angle by raising or lowering the trailer jack. Palmer fished his first tournament when he was in high school. That also is when he learned about wiring volt DC systems for high-end car audio. He could pack enough speaker power into a regular-cab truck to blow out its windshield.

So, when the electronics started blinking on his bass boat, he went work, taking what he learned from cars to assemble a wiring harness for his boat. That was about a decade ago. Many bass boats are factory rigged with or gauge wiring. Palmer said attempting to draw more power through it causes an amp load then voltage drop.

Palmer has a solution � independently wiring the power and ground for each unit. That ensures each, whether you have one, two, four or more, has the power it needs. And you may feel pretty good rolling into the boat ramp with multiple units mounted on your boat. But that investment of money and time only pays off if you use them to catch more and bigger bass.

Take time to learn how they work. First familiarize yourself with your new electronics, including reading the manual and surfing the internet for videos and articles about their use. Then take them to the water to truly understand how they work. Palmer suggests spending a couple days on familiar water, where known spots make interpreting how your new units react is easier. And forget your fishing gear so you can concentrate on learning.

But before you touch any, Palmer said take a picture of the screen. Palmer said keep your fingers away from network settings. Even the smallest tweak here can drastically affect how your units communicate, creating big issues. If you want personalized training, on-the-water classes are available.

Those with more experience receive help creating fishing efficiency, including where to best drop a waypoint in relation to submerged cover or structure. Fishing Articles Fishing Articles. Fishing Forums Fishing Forums. Tools Tools. Write for BassResource! Fishing Glossary Frequently Asked Questions.

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