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A boat goes [math]15[/math] km upstream and [math][/math] km downstream in [math]3[/math] hours [math]15[/math] minutes. It goes [math]12[/math] km upstream and [math]14[/math] km downstream in [math]3[/math] hours. What is the speed of the bo. Let the speed of the boat in still water be x kmph. Then, Speed downstream = (x + 5) kmph, Speed upstream = (x � 5) kmph. (x + 5)*2 = (x � 5)*5/2 X = 45 kmph A boat running downstream covers a distance of 40 km in 5 hrs and for covering the same distance upstream it takes 10 hrs. What is the speed of the stream? A. 5 km/hr B. 2 km/hr. A boat covers a certain distance downstream in 6 hours and takes 8 hours to return upstream to the starting point. If the speed of the stream is 3 km/hr, find the speed of the boat in still water. A � 1 km/hr.

They pass each other at a point m from the nearer shore. Example 3: A boat take 8 hours to cover a distance while traveling upstream, whereas while traveling downstream it takes 6 hours. Easy Normal Medium Hard Expert. Downstream: Going with the flow of the river. If in a river running at 1. Speed of current Downstream�Upstream speed.

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