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Investment and financing activities. Aquaculture industry veteran Marit Solberg was appointed as Chair of the Board. Our team have done a fantastic job. Norcod plans to use more samples of its cod to promote the product in the second quarter of this year, with its first commercial harvest taking place this summer. The company aims to produce 6, tonnes of fresh farmed cod in the first cycle, and a predicts a harvest volume of 10, tonnes in The company reported that its Ocean Farm 1 prototype had achieved good stock growth and biological results.

French feed producers consolidate Brittany-based aquafeed business Le Gouessant Co-operative Group has announced the acquisition of competitor Aqualia. Aqualia, founded in , has around 20 employees and a mill for manufacturing fish feeds based in Landes, Are Jon Boats Good For Lakes Questions in south-west France. We will continue the development alongside them within the spirit of a co-operative partnership, which has always been the priority in our relationship.

Fjordvejs Maskinfabrik changes its name to FM Bulk Hand The company said it DANISH transport solutions has tripled growth company Fjordvejs over the past seven Maskinfabrik is changyears and, as ing its name � so part of this, its that its international customer base customers will has become find it easier to increasingly interpronounce.

The national. Chile, Morocco or Australia. DANISH-based aquafeed business BioMar Group has reported revenue and earnings slightly up for , thanks to strong performance in its salmon division. Revenue for was up 4. The full-year result was driven positively by increased sales volume and cost savings, while partially offset by unfavourable exchange rates and extraordinary costs related to the pandemic.

However, pressure on margins and exchange rates limited the impact on the bottom-line and kept both revenue and results broadly in line with BioMar supplies feed for the aquaculture sector in around 80 countries and for more than 45 different species. The pandemic has demanded agile collaboration with our customers adapting feeding strategies and product solutions. We have been able to be close to the markets and took fast decisions across the globe despite travel restrictions and lockdowns.

Built three years ago to harvest salmon before it reached processing centres in Hirtshals, Denmark, the vessel has been at the centre of a sometimes acrimonious dispute between the Norwegian Ministry of Trade and Industry and Hav Line, its Danish owners.

Norway has introduced strict regulations governing its salmon, insisting any defects or quality issues must be corrected. Hav Line claimed the Ministry of Trade had gone back on an agreement with Hav Line allowing it to process fish with defects when the ship came into service in by suddenly changing the regulations, and last summer won its case in Bergen District Court.

We hope this decision will provide stability for the company and for its employees. Hav Line chairman Carl-Erik Arnesen said he was glad for the company and its employees and customers that uncertainty had now been brought to an end, adding that the Norwegian Gannet was the first ship of its type in the world.

The waiver states that the Norwegian Gannet can only deliver unsorted farmed fish to centres in Hirtshals run by the Hav Line group. The company must send in regular reports on how much fish is being sorted and corrected.

Mowi was forced to put developipality and business interests, and is in line with local decisions that facilitate ment work on hold. Easy to operate and maintain with a new and intuitive visual presentation. The Flying Net Cleaner 8 has a cleaning efficiency that outperforms nearly every other option.

It is built with standard ROV components that are easy to clean and disinfect. It also has several built-in auto features and advanced IP camera systems and sensors for complete monitoring during the entire cleaning process. Warning over impact of feed on ballan wrasse health GIVING the wrong type of feed to young ballan wrasse could seriously impact their health, researchers at Nofima � the Norwegian Institute of Food, Fisheries and Aquaculture Research � have found.

In aquaculture, ballan wrasse are used as cleaner fish to help control sea lice numbers. Increasingly, because of concerns over the sustainability of using wild-caught wrasse, wrasse are being hatched and grown for commercial use. Cleaner fish health has become an important issue for the salmon farming industry.

Above Ballan wrasse The CleanFeed study at Nofima, which also involved collaboration with farming group Mowi, looked at how juvenile the Norwegian University of life Sciences, the wrasse fared when they were weaned from Institute of Marine Research and leading fish live food to dry feed. NTS ASA, the integrated aquaculture and aquaculture industry services group more than doubled its operating revenues during the final quarter of , the company disclosed today.

Its fish farming activities turned in a deficit, however, again a victim of lower prices resulting from the coronavirus pandemic. NTS ASA also pointed out in, its Q4 report, that the group is involved in a number of other important deals, mainly through its support and shipping businesses.

It is also a major shareholder in Norway Royal Salmon. The MNH salmon farming division produced a total harvest of 3, tonnes during the quarter, slightly up on the previous year. Despite this, the low price of salmon during the last few months of resulted in an average loss of NOK 1.

After a few weeks, however, the fish started to develop skeletal deformities. Fish that were fed a soft, agglomerated diet, a type of feed that is processed at low temperatures, appeared to have far lower deformity rates.

The fish on the extruded feed regime also showed lower take-up of minerals from their feed. The scientists at Nofima have developed a theory that high extrusion temperatures make feed minerals difficult to access for a fish species like ballan wrasse, which has no stomach or acid digestion. The research also found that wrasse prefer shrimp or krill-based feed to conventional fishmeal, but will accept cod as an element in feed.

Astronauts could be dining on fresh seabass FISh farming on the Moon is a possibility within decades, according a team of French scientists. Future astronauts could take with them live fish eggs and, using water which is believed to lie just under the lunar surface, cultivate them into fully grown fish, research.

The British Columbia based marine science magazine hakai reports that to test this theory, scientists from the Montpellier University Space Centre and the French Research Institute for Exploitation of the Sea IFREMER packed seabass and related meagre fish eggs � which they felt were hardier than adult fish � into instruments that vibrated and shook them to recreate the experience of blasting off in a Russian Soyuz rocket.

Despite this, the board is recommending a dividend of NOK 3 per share for the whole of This leads to [the. Species-specific solutions for a sustainable and profitable aquaculture At Adisseo, we offer species-specific nutrition and health solutions to aquaculture customers around the world. There is a lot to gain by optimizing your feed additive strategy. Our aqua experts are passionate to help you find out how to increase your productivity and profitability.

The farms have also been blocked from restocking, starting immediately. The BC Salmon Farmers strongly oppose the decision, which the federal government says was taken in response to calls from local First Nations and environmental groups. The 1,plus jobs at risk local businesses affected by the reduction in include at least people the local economy.

As many as Thankfully, we are also able to offer a reasonable, respectful way forward, one consistent with genuine reconciliation with First Nations and real engagement with all parties. In addition, green-water tanks will ensure maximum applicability under production conditions.

We also know the importance of optimal diets, combined. The project will be built on the Sea of Japan coastline in Yangyang county in the province of Gangwon, not far from the border with North Korea. Aqualis Braemar to help develop aquaculture in China MARINE consultancy AqualisBraemar has signed a memorandum of understanding with a Chinese research institution to help develop offshore aquaculture.

AqualisBraemar, part of the AqualisBraemar LOC Group, is a global independent marine, engineering and adjusting consultancy that has been present in China. The move gives BioMar increased access to one of the big shrimp producing economies. Considering the performance and agility of the Vietnamese shrimp industry during the last decade and not at least during this last.

The company is already a major supplier to shrimp farmers in Ecuador and Costa Rica. A revised version of the Best Aquaculture Practices BAP Farm Standard includes new requirements on the use of antibiotics, worker safety and land-based farms, among other changes.

The new standard, issue 3. However, separate sets of standards continue to exist for salmonids raised in marine net pens covered by the BAP Salmon Farm Standard and unfed mollusc species such as mussels, clams and oysters covered by the BAP Mollusc Standard.

The GAA is an international organisation dedicated to advocacy, education and leadership in responsible aquaculture. Hatching tray and EasyHatch substrate are molded together in one unit Less components for easier service and cleaning Are Jon Boats Good For Fishing Jp Replaced water tubes with channels to improve water distribution The water pipes have been replaced with built-in water channel CompHatch is AutoTend Ready! The company attributed the losses to the coronavirus pandemic.

Founded in , Huon Aquaculture has grown to become a major force in Australian salmon farming, employing more than people. THIS highly unusual move for a national retailer means that it is now the first supermarket to own a working trawler. Morrisons, which.

Its extensive farmed fish range includes more than a dozen different types of salmon and tilapia. Falfish operates from two sites in Redruth and Falmouth docks on the south Cornish coast and is owned by the founder Ian Greet and his son Mark who is the managing director. Mark Greet and all Falfish staff will join Morrisons. The business has longterm relationships with the owners and skippers of over 70 partner boats in the South West who land their total catch direct to Falfish.

Its aquaculture range includes seabass and sea bream which it has been importing for over 15 years through a long standing relationship with its European farmed fish partner Ilknak. Falfish processes a range of 56 wild and farmed frozen and fresh seafood from British waters and the South West coastline. The deal was announced in October last year.

The new design will be rolled out across the range and will feature across all future products which are stocked in supermarkets including Asda. The modern design features an all-new colour palette and fresh photography designed to bring a vibrant feel to the pack-.

On pack serving suggestions have also been included to draw in these shoppers and present easy and appealing ways to enjoy fish more often.

He will be responsible for directing and managing all operational activities at the company. Bettcher Above: Kurt Miller Industries Inc is a leading developer and manufacturer of innovative precision-cutting tools for food processing, industrial, medical and other applications, along with operating strategic sales and service. Before joining Bettcher, he served in leadership positions at the Swagelok Company, including engineering and quality assurance management and spearheading business systems transformation.

Scotland now produces over , tonnes. Now it features regularly in the press, albeit not always for good reasons. It is easy to forget that the salmon industry in Scotland was driven by corporates from the very beginning. Salmon farming was always going to be a large-scale venture. They opted to get out by selling on. The key feature of the boom years of the s and early s were high market prices.

This was like asking consumers to pay hundreds of thousands of pounds for a Rolls-Royce car even if it were produced in the same volume as a Ford Fiesta. In part, this is down to the rise of social media and the keyboard warrior. Instead, the haulier was delayed for hours and then told he would have to return across the Channel and take the salmon back to where it came from � Shetland.

The irony is that this is salmon which would have sailed through the border posts untouched. Yet now, because of Brexit, it is being treated with so much suspicion, it is a wonder it gets through at all. For the first few weeks after January 1 this year, our attention was focused on Scotland, on the hubs that had been set up to process the export health certificates � and rightly so.

This was where the queues were developing, this was where the problems were occurring and this was where our member companies needed help. But now that the hubs are working more smoothly � and credit should go to both Food Standards Scotland and the hauliers for that � attention has shifted to the trickier issue of French customs.

The ministerial Brexit task force, set up by the UK Government at the request of the SSPO, has started to meet and is designed to come up with practical solutions to the paperwork issues which have caused so many problems. But, at some point, the focus has to shift across the Channel and that means real, proper engagement with the European Union.

We really do hope that the taskforce achieves. However, it can really only do so for the UK. The next stage has to be to get the agreement of the European Union for the sort of pragmatic approach which would have released that lorry load of Shetland salmon on time to get to the market. The fear is that the UK Government, having agreed to set up the task force and to sort out the issues our sector has with Brexit, thinks this is now sorted. It is, after all, the approach politicians like to adopt: set up a working group to look into an issue.

Then any criticism can be deflected by saying that it would be inappropriate to say anything until the group has done its work. That cannot happen this time. Every time one of our producer members faces a situation like the one at Boulogne last month, it is not just the price of the salmon that drops, it is the reputation for reliability that the whole sector has built up over decades.

That is why it is important that the UK Government does not sit back and think � sorted. That is why the SSPO and our member companies will continue to keep the pressure on until we really do see that progress has been made.

That will involve reaching an agreement with the European Union to adopt a lighter touch on customs and we will know when it has really worked. It will have worked when all of our salmon � every single load � progresses easily and swiftly to market: unhindered, untouched and on time. At the crossroads How fast can the Norwegian aquaculture sector grow in future? Now Odd Emil Ingebrigsten, the current seafood minister, is planning a new aquaculture strategy with a strong focus on sustainability and expanding the number of land based farms.

The best case scenario, says PwC, should be around 3. Johansen and its Bergen manager Marte Vassbotten, the report also highlights some of the challenges the industry will face in the next few years � and they are formidable. And perhaps data collection and advanced analysis will create giant production leaps this decade? PwC says it is now time to update growth scenarios as the sector moves towards The traffic light system has been adjusted, including two auctions for capacity.

We have also seen the realisation and planning of new post-smolt and land-based, full-cycle projects. These adjustments call for an update on our production estimates. The report also points out that the uncertainty of predicting growth is always high because it depends on so many variables and challenges. This is mainly due to our strengthened belief in smolt production developments which increase MAB utilisation. THE report says it is not just consumers who drive sustainability.

Governments play an active role in disrupting the industry, sometimes with unintended effects. It notes that saw the implementation of the traffic light system now the subject of a civil court hearing , where two zones are forced to reduce production due to lice levels above the permitted threshold.

In addition to the existing lice limit per location, there will be a lice limit per net pen. Is the gender imbalance improving? Conversely, women are over-represented in low-skilled manual roles, for example in processing.

Women could also play a key role in addressing succession planning and leadership challenges. In aquaculture it was easy to see that the majority of people in the industry happen to be male. So Are Jet Boats Good For Wakeboarding Wall now when I am in a room and happen to be the only person who is female, I see it as an opportunity to speak up.

Both are tough but necessary. It would be nice to get to a point where you no longer have to correct others. WiSA highlights many examples of women working in diverse roles in the industry. Through one-to-one sessions, it provided training and support, building up skills such as creating a network, making career decisions, cultivating leadership styles, and building confidence.

In February this year, WiSA launched a new initiative to support women in rural Scotland to return to the workplace after career breaks, focusing on the range of opportunities available within the sector. Backed by the fund, WiSA will support up to 50 women with career coaching, confidence training, and mentoring.

The month-long series of free workshops and events will kick off with an introduction to aquaculture, and later sessions will include careers and performance coaching, interview skills, CV writing and confidence building. It will also offer one-to-one mentoring sessions with experienced aquaculture professionals. Through the WiSA network, we hope to create a positive community that supports professional development and provides women with the tools and skills needed to help build successful and rewarding careers.

One of our previous female team members, Kate Stronach, recently progressed to the role of Compliance and Sustainability Manager. The world is your oyster. Our reach is global. That is the importance of WiSA: to make things just, and to show what is possible.

An international video competition has provided a platform for women in the seafood industry to share their experiences. Her work is inspiring other women to follow her example. They say their goal is to make Litopenaeus or L.

Vannamei shrimp a delicacy product for high-end restaurants and discerning grocery shoppers. The species is normally found in south and central America and along the Florida coast near the Gulf of Mexico.

He wanted to focus on a species in high demand, highly priced, and where there was a low entry barrier. They are then released into the tub where they immediately absorb the feed and begin to grow. The fry require tender loving care to ensure their survival and increased growth. They are also very useful in that they can be used raw as sashimi or as heat-treated. Unpowered Boats Kayaks Dinghies. Personal Watercraft Personal Watercraft.

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Best Pontoon Boats Lenny Rudow. Best Boats Under 25k Jennifer Burkett. She did her first legs of the CT near home. Cournoyer accompanied her at first. DeMaster said some kayakers do the Concrete Canyon at night to avoid the large boats. Comment Text. Stop watching this discussion. Get an email notification whenever someone contributes to the discussion.

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You go girl, don't let anybody stop you. Report Add Reply. Welcome to the discussion. Post a comment. Watch this discussion. Citrus County Chronicle Apr 4, e-edition. Citrus County Chronicle Apr 3, e-edition. Updated Apr 3, 0. With a lack of a consistent funding source to maintain roadways, should the county consider including a 1-cent sales tax referendum on the ballot? You voted:. Everyone, from regular residents to visitors who use the roadways, should chip in to pay for road repairs countywide.

No way. Why should I pay more in taxes? Tim's Barber Room. Lepage Carpet And Tile. All About Nature. Lora Wilson PA. First Presbyterian Church. Quick Care Med. Balance Med Spa and Salon. Twisted Oaks Golf club. Forest Bridge Blvd.

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Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park. Connolly's Sod. All American Gutter Protection. Bayfront Health Seven Rivers.

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