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Buying a classic boat is different than buying a new or slightly used boat�here's our top tips on finding, evaluating and buying a vintage or antique vessel. By Zuzana Prochazka. October 17, When looking to buy a classic boat, the process is similar to buying a new or used boat�with some distinct differences. Before purchasing, here's a few key factors to consider: decide whether you are going to buy a restored or project boat, do your research and get a specialized survey, arrange for a sea trail, and remember post-purchase Small Boats With Electric Motors 2019 ramifications (such as maintenance, storage and resal. The finest antique outboard motors available. Old Boats Small Boats Speed Boats Power Boats Boat Motors For Sale Outboard Boat Motors Boat Restoration Boat Engine Mercury Outboard. Restored Johnson 18 hp Outboard Boat Motor For Sale. For sale, 25hp OMC Johnson Evinrude outboard boat motor, outboard 25 hp for sale.� Values for EVINRUDE SPORTFOUR OUTBOARD BOAT MOTOR, hp, opposing four cylinder two cycle engine, tiller handle with speed control, polished aluminum case, to appraise similar items instantly without sending photos or descriptions. Outboard Motor Stand Outboard Boat Motors Boat Dock Yacht Boat Power Boats Speed Boats Yacht Builders Boat Engine Mercury Outboard. Antique and Classic boats are medium-sized, trailerable vessels generally used for endeavors such as overnight cruising and day cruising. These vessels can span in size from 14 feet to 97 feet with an average length of 29 feet.� Models with more power can handle motors up to an enormous 1, horsepower, while more economic utility models may have as little as 13 horsepower engines on them (although the average motor size is HP). Why are antique and classic boats popular? Antique and Classic boats are popular for their moderate draft and generally wider beam, qualities that make these boats an excellent choice for overnight cruising and day cruising. Antique and Classic boats are also popular boats for coastal, inshore and offshore boating.

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You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Antique Boat Motor Value. Thread starter Rose Swartz Start date May 2, Status Not open for further replies. Rose Swartz Recruit. Joined May 1, Messages 1. Joined Dec 14, Messages 2, I just took a quick glance at an OMC year model guide.

Now this is a nonscientific very rough estemate. Between and OMC Johnson and evinrude put out at least different models of outboard motors. Just how many of each model they produced I don't know,I don't think I have enough data to even guess.

Adding to this, the production of all the other manufactures,you can imagine this totals up to a lot of outboards. Now the numbers of collectors is small in comparison to the amount of good motors.

So unless a motor was owned by Elvis or someone, The prices tend to be soft. Your motor is probably worth just about what you payed for it. Hooty Rear Admiral. Joined Oct 2, Messages 4, Chinewalker Fleet Admiral. Joined Aug 19, Messages 8, Even given a modest amount of attrition to scrapping, parting out, loss, etc. I've seen several buyers on eBay get suckered by a sales pitch on the "rare" antique only to find out that if they had been a little more patient and done some research, their motor wasn't quite so "rare" Joined Oct 17, Messages 2.

It has not been running for a long time but it was in perfect order when it was put to rest. It was bought new back in the late sixties. Looks great with no rust. Trying to find out what the value might be. Ebay is pretty much useless because nobody is going to pay to have this thing shipped so I am thinking a collector would be a better choice. If anyone has an idea where I could get this info from, it would be much appreciated. Mas Lieutenant Commander.

Joined Oct 3, Messages 1, Please start a "new thread. You'll get a better answer with a new thread all your own. Joined Apr 15, Messages 5, Some sell for somewhat more, but those are typical prices paid at meets. Incomplete motors are even less. Just old doesn't mean it's desirable BTW, antique motor collectors are a very frugal lot.

My cousin who I started on collecting by giving him his first antique motor now has 35 to 40 motors, with over 25 fully restored and running. He Antique Boat Motors Ltd has no interest in 'display' motors. Joined Oct 21, Messages 5, BigDave Recruit. Joined Apr 6, Messages 1. Joined May 24, Messages 46, BigDave said:.


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