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Epilog Challenge VI: I have entered this into the Epilog challenge please vote on it if you like the build. I would use the laser to help me with some really cool projects like laser cut wood objects, led illuminated signs, engraved tile and much Aluminum Pontoon Boat Bottom Paint Industries much.

As an engineering student I have programmed Epilogs. I recently bought a 14' Blue Fin aluminum boat that I thought would convert well into a small fishing boat. My plan is to use the aluminum v bottom boat modifications apk to fish for pan fish and walleye.

The main objective in my conversion was to create a large, flat, and sturdy deck area in the middle of the boat to stand on and cast. I also wanted to add storage areas for fishing equipment and boating accessorizes.

Last but not least, I wanted to enhance the overall appearance of the boat. GIF file above shows the overall process and the steps involved modificationss the process. I am not a professional craftsman by any means, but I do have a good amount of experience with the common tools aluminum v bottom boat modifications apk in this build.

I auminum the original model and edited it. Thanks to studioberger for sharing there file. First, start out by taking the major measurements of the boat. The major dimensions will be just bottoom for aluminum v bottom boat modifications apk. Next, you should figure out the layout you want for your boat. Are you going to stand and cast, or sit? Are you going bototm troll, drift or anchor? How many people are going to be on board aluminum v bottom boat modifications apk once?

You need to keep the size of the boat in mind when answering these questions. Since I am going to fish for pan fish and walleye, I planned on dropping an anchor in my fishing locations. I would have liked to add a trolling motor to make it a more versatile boat, but because of weight concerns I did not. If you do add a trolling motor make sure to that modidications weight of the batteries, mount, and motor will not be a problem.

I started will a rough drawing of the side and top view of my boat and modified to it ap my ideas. These plans will also help you decided how much lumber and materials you will need. The materials needed will differ from mine depending on modificatios boat size and your design. Remove everything you can remove from the botrom gas tank, anchor, battery, ropes, gear, ect Next, aluminum v bottom boat modifications apk additional components that will not be aluminum v bottom boat modifications apk of the final boat.

For me this was the middle bench, two cheap plastic cup holders and a box the previous owner had build for the battery. Be very careful if you do remove a bench, as they are structural parts of the boat and designed to take part of the load.

Read up on this before removing any benches, and if you do, I alujinum recommend reinforcing the area. If you choose to remove the bench seat, do so by drilling out the rivets.

Hottom, wash everything down and scrub the boat so that all surfaces are free from mold, sand, or dirt. This step will be very important if you are planning on doing any painting. With the plan you have created in modificaions, design a support structure that will fit your needs for the deck.

If you are not going have any compartments in you deck floor, I recommend placing 2" x 2"s that span across the width of the boat ribs at the height that you want the boat deck to sit. These should be spaced approximately 18" apart. But the spacing will depend on the thickness of the plywood used. Next, connect them 2" x 2"s that run lengthwise beams that are spaced appropriately for the thickness of the plywood.

Finally, add vertical supports to help support the load of the deck. The amount of supports you will need is dependent on the thickness of plywood and the size of the deck. Aluminum v bottom boat modifications apk I wanted two large doors modificatins the middle of the deck so that I could use the area under them as storage for fishing poles, oars, and anything elsemy design was aluminnum little more complex than the simple design described.

I designed the doors to be located side by side in the middle of the deck and modifocations measure 58" long and jodifications wide. Because of aluminum v bottom boat modifications apk, I used four 2 Aluminum Pontoon Boat Bottom Paint Quotes x 2 ribs across the width of the boat and three long beams running the length of the boat.

I positioned one beam in the center of the boat and bottm other two 12" off center. Add vertical supports as you see needed. Also add beams or cross aluninum wherever two pieces of plywood meet up. In my boat this aluminum v bottom boat modifications apk in the front center and back center of the main deck.

I needed to split the plywood to fit it tightly into the boat. I will explain boay more in a later step. Measure the width of the boat where the ribs will be located, and cut a 2 x 2 to this aluminum v bottom boat modifications apk. Then take a piece of cardboard and cut it to the width of the 2 x 2 and about 5 in long. Next cut the cardboard piece so that it matches the contour of the boat where the rib will be located.

Lay the cardboard on aluminum v bottom boat modifications apk 2 x 2 and trace the shape on both ends. Use a jig saw to cut the 2x2 to the shape of the hull. Use a Dremel or sand paper to help finalize the shape. Repeat this 30 Aluminum Boats Europe procedure for the rest of the ribs that will span the width of the boat.

Cut beams from 2 x 2's to run perpendicular and fill the gap between the ribs that run the width. With 2 x aluminum v bottom boat modifications apk in place, connect them with two screws on each end.

Then cut and shape 2 x 2's to be placed vertically from the bottom of the boat up to the beams for support. Once these supports fit, screw them into place. Add more 2 x 2's if you feel they are needed. For the back support on the rear deck, cut out a piece of plywood that is the width and length of the rear seat. Cut a 2 x 2 the width of the rear portion of the seat and attach it to the plywood. This will be where the rear storage doors will rest.

Cut and attach one 2 x 2 that spans the aluminum Aluminum V Bottom Boat Modifications Pdf v bottom boat modifications apk of the boat into the transom. This should be parallel to the 2 x 2 mounted to the plywood. For the front support, cut a 2 x 2 to span the width of the boat and modfiications right in front of the bow bench.

Later this will be screwed alujinum the aluminum bench. This should fit ak shape of the hull. Cut another 2 x 2 that is parallel to aluminum v bottom boat modifications apk last one but 13'' farther aluminmu. It is very important that this is the same shape as aliminum hull as two screws will be holding it in place that come from the outside of the boat.

Next cut two 2 x 2's that moidfications the length of the last two you just cut. Screw these 4 pieces together, making sure that all of the tops of these pieces are flat and parallel to the top of the aluminum bench in the bow. Finally, cut a 2 x 2 that extends from the front of the assembly you have just made to the to the bow of the boat.

Make sure modufications shape it to the boat and screw baot into the middle of alukinum assembly. This assembly can be seen in the left lower picture. Lay a large piece of cardboard down on top of the deck support that you bottmo just finished. Cut the cardboard to the aluminum v bottom boat modifications apk of boat. Then trace on to the plywood and cut to size with jig saw. Test the fit in the boat and adjust if needed.

I cut the plywood in half so that it would fit into the V in the side of the hull. This helps support the end of the plywood. If you can not do this, make sure to make modifications to the support you have build in the previous steps to support the plywood properly. Next, mark the the locations where the doors will be located and cut them.

Cut more off each side so that the door will have room to close when carpet is added. The amount will depend on the thickness botto the carpet. Next, cut the front and rear storage areas and decks. Again make sure to leave extra room for the thickness of the carpet. I chose to have one removable hatch in the front for storage and an area to place your legs.

I also made two doors in the back for the more a;k an area to cover the gas tank. To cut the front deck, use the same procedure as the main deck by using cardboard as a guide. Add hole to all parts that will have flush pulls, cup holders, and rod holders.

Make sure to size them accordingly and leave room for carpeting. Later if you find you have not left enough of a gap for the carpeting you can make modifications. However, it can be time consuming and somewhat difficult. This step modkfications only needed if you have removed structural components. Use 2 x 8 lumber to connect the side of the hull modificatjons the deck to aluminuum the side wall. Use the holes from the old rivets that were removed as the locations for the added structure.

Cut 4 triangular shaped pieces to be used as the added support structure.


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