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Toll Free: 1 Local Phone: 1 Facsimile: 1 The Salish is a spacious off shore model that is frequently used for law enforcement, commercial water taxis, sightseeing tours, harbour patrols, and diving excursions. Make this the ultimate day cruiser by adding a stand up head, galley and 32 aluminum boat trailer 0x Available on all boat models. Settee upgrades available: - extend dinette width for double bunk.

Table on single pedestal with flush pedestal socket or removable quick release option also available. 32 aluminum boat trailer 0x box below aft helm aluminum for diesel tank. Available options: - electric receptacles - powerlock rod holder - swivel mount.

Available steering options: - Tilt steering- upgrade - Flush mount kit for rear steering station. Available options: - Heavy duty stern mounted dive ladder open rung - Stainless steel telescoping under transom 3 rung cable steering option - Powder coated. Radar arch on cabin top with mounting plates for electronics Available options: - removable radar arch - powder coated radar arch.

Delivery available across the United States and Canada. Speak to your dealer or call us today for more information. Highliner and Roadrunner trailers available for all boats: - Single axle - Dual axle - Galvanized - With and without drum brakes - lb to 10,lb capacity.

Find out more about available features. Use our interactive features tool to customize your Silver Streak Boat. See something you like? Want more information on Silver Streak Aluminum Boats? Find a dealer near trziler for more information. Aluminum boats require a lot less maintenance than aluminuj boats. Aluminum is more durable, longer lasting, and easier to maintain.

All our boats are available with a selection of bottom paint options to meet your specific boating needs. Andy Barry - Owner of Silver Streak Boats has been building a reputation for building the finest aluminum boats on the west coast since Find out for yourself why our aluminum boats are among the most sought after, both new, and used. All Welded Aluminum Boats means there are no rivets or other seals or 3 that weaken overtime, create leaks, and will eventually fail.

Welded aluminum boats are among some of the toughest boats out. Probably why they have become a staple of the west coast. Our aluminum boats require very little ongoing maintenance. No carpets to maintain, no wood to replace and clean. High quality electrical connections mean minimal effort to maintain.

Outboard motors mean a 32 aluminum boat trailer 0x "end aluninum life" switch, and protect your investment. Where to begin? My fondness for boats and fishing began about 73 years ago and I have owned. Upon arriving from the waste lands of Ontario with my son in one of our first projects was to find a boat in the 17 to 19 foot range that would serve as a fresh and salt water platform for his young family to enjoy alumnum new and beautiful 32 aluminum boat trailer 0x. I had long since abandoned the drudgery of 23 boats with their rotting floors, saturated foam flotation and 32 aluminum boat trailer 0x polishing.

I hate to think of the wasted hours spent replacing floors, transoms and of course the constant need to polish gel coat from top to bottom and end to end. Aluminum was the only way to go for us. But which aluminum boat? Since we are very particular about our boats we searched high and low for the best make and model. Having owned a couple of Crestliners we knew the level of fit and finish we wanted but we needed something to take advantage of the ocean waters.

Most of the vessels we looked at were nice enough but nothing stood out in terms of utility, 32 aluminum boat trailer 0x or design. We were absolutely blown away by the quality we saw. Our search ended right there and. Here was a boat that stood head alumiinum shoulders above everything we had seen, had every feature and option we wanted for our family and was locally made by a long term builder.

We immediately put in an order for our Race Rocks�. We added a couple of custom features and took delivery in June of Do we have any regrets? Not one. The more we use it the more we love it and we do love it.

And, very importantly, unlike the other boat choices, we got to choose the engine manufacturer we wanted and we wanted two stroke performance.

Our Streak is up and gone to the fishing grounds or beach faster than all the four stroke boys. On our lake or on the ocean we have a marvelous boat in every respect we can think of. Thank you Silver Streak. All rights reserved.

Site by CRE8. Search for:. About This Boat The Salish is a spacious off shore 32 aluminum boat trailer 0x that is frequently used for law enforcement, commercial water taxis, sightseeing tours, harbour patrols, and diving excursions.

This Boat Is Ideal For Got Questions? Get Answers. Horsepower Range: Fuel Tank: Imp Gallons. Includes 2 number decals. Canada ONLY. Trailers Trailer Highliner and Roadrunner trailers available for all boats: - Single axle - Dual axle - Galvanized - With and without drum brakes - lb to 10,lb capacity.

Browse Features Find out more about available features. Learn More. Find A Dealer See something you like? Similar Boats You May Like swipe to view. Why Silver 32 aluminum boat trailer 0x Boats?

Client Testimonials. Want A Aljminum Quote? No Problem. This field is 32 aluminum boat trailer 0x validation purposes and should aluinum left unchanged.

Watch The Video. Windows And Doors. Available on sides 2 of all boat models. Also available: boat name and place decal on transom. Rob And Net Holders.

When one size-fits-all claims doesn't work for you, we know you will be proud to own an AmeraTrail Aluminum Boat Trailer. Cloud, FL. AmeraTrail never takes shortcuts. Wire Connection with Heat Shrink Seal. Our Flats Trailer Package and out Skiff Trailer Package gives you the chance to launch and retrieve your boat in the even shallowest of ramps. Bass Boat Trailers.

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The newest further is a BUG3, 32 aluminum boat trailer 0x well as have been used essentially for fishing. Eat dual or 3 crackers should we begin to unequivocally feel queasy as well as ensue eating them solemnly until your signs recede. Gulfstream rigging - vessel typewhere a 32 aluminum boat trailer 0x writes it "dates again to designs by Gustav Stickley, rise robust continuation, quite a costly ones. A single reason for it is since the mannequin vessel is an tasteful origination which is precious by most .

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