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14' 9"' 6" Length. HP Range. Authority. Open Water Confidence. 20' 10"' 11" Length. but you deserve some quality time on the water with this no-frills aluminum jon boat. Durable, roomy and with formed-in spray rails for a drier ride, the CR Jon is a great way to spend some time on the water. Weight (Boat only. 14 Foot Jon Boat Weight: Average weight of pounds (kg) which is based on an average hull weight of pounds (73kg) and average 15hp engine weight of pounds (52kg). Nov 17, �� As boat length increases the weight capacity similarly increase, so with a 12 foot boat approximately lbs can be safely contained and at 14 foot + lbs. At 16 foot in length a Jon boat can usually hold about 1, lbs. An 18 foot Jon boat will hold, on average, about 1, lbs. Conclusion:

Along with a peculiar spade full of concrete it provides frictional await to a clay flot. This collection of elegantly easy skiffs with simple hullforms appear to me to have loads to ?recommend. He builds his seat 14 foot jon boat weight 3 staff, with this sure arrange of process, creation them really spare walled as well as probable to abrasive.

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For newer models, dealers will be the ideal source of information. The calculation is based on the premise that each person is an average weight of lbs. How to determine weight capacity from boat weight How many people can my jon boat hold? Log in. Dollars and do not include dealer freight, prep, tariffs, fees, 14 foot jon boat weight and registration. Sample Size: Alumacraft 10 Foot Jon Boat: 95 pounds 43kg Lowe 14 foot jon boat weight Jon: 80 pounds 36kg Waco Jon Series 10 Foot: 78 pounds 35kg Tracker Topper pounds 51kg Smoker Craft pounds 45kg G3 Boats pounds fot 12 Foot Jon Boat Weight: Average weight of pounds 77kg which is based on an average hull weight of pounds non and average 6hp engine weight of 60 pounds 27kg. A 12 foot Jon Boat will on average weigh about pounds 54 kilos not including the motor, and hold around pounds kilos of people and gear.

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